Direct to consumer clubs/balls


I’m in the market for new woods (or metals if you’re an insufferable pedant) and came across Bombtech’s line. Anyone have experience with that product or a similar one?
From the reviews I’ve read/watched it looks like there isn’t a huge drop off in performance, but the fact that I can’t find them in a store to try out gives me hesitation to pull the trigger

In a similar vein, has anyone gone down a similar path for golf balls? I myself just get a bag of used ones at the annual golf show


Ben Hogan falls into this category. They’ve tried to restart that company multiple times, so who knows if it will end up working out this (third?) time. Their product is definitely less expensive than major OEMs since they have no sponsored Tour pros or retail footprint, but I’ve never had the experience of trying their clubs. You can test their stuff at home for a fee.

I’ve always been intrigued by the aesthetics of their clubs (kind of old school looking) but I’ve never pulled the trigger and tried to test.

In terms of Golf balls, Vice is direct to consumer. Not the ball I use, but there are definitely people who play them and seem happy with their stuff. Same deal as most direct-to-consumer brands. A bit cheaper.


JJ Henry & Mark Brooks beg to differ!


Oh. Did not know!

Edit: I’ll be honest. No idea who they are


I like Vice balls at the price point, especially if you order a few dozen at a time. But I’m a terrible golfer and balls are like a wine list to me, I probably couldn’t tell the difference in a blind test.


An undefeated Ryder Cup player and some other guy.


JJ “Baggin Saggin” Henry


Look at Snell for your golf balls.


Agree with @iacas. Snell rocks. MTB Black all the way. The red looks like a putt-putt ball.


My buddy uses Bombtech wedges and loves them; however has noticed a severe drop off in the feel/feedback off the club in colder months.


It’s just the paint or something, because I raised the same issue early on, and was told that it’s the paint and the clear coat or something, but they perform as well as a premium ball. My daughter uses them and spins the heck out of them around the greens.

They sure do look like surlyn or something, though. Fortunately they play like a premium.


I’ve tried out a few Bombtech drivers over the year (the founder’s dad used to run a diner in my hometown) and was surprised by how much I liked them. I didn’t see any significant drops in numbers compared to bigger name clubs and was pleasantly surprised by the feel. I would definitely strongly consider it for the money.


I’ve tried the Vice balls. Absolutely nothing wrong with them in terms of performance. They might not have as much greenside spin as the top-level balls, but given the price, they’re pretty good. Only issue I had with them was durability, the cover seemed to scuff up a bit too easily for my liking. .


I used to play Innovex 2-3 years ago and have tried out Vice and Snell. Overall, I always felt like they actually outperformed ProV1s/ ProV1Xs but they always seemed to last like 2 holes tops. I stopped using them mainly because they had a lifespan of 1-2 full swing wedges.


I bought a couple of dozen of the Vice to try out. Couldnt agree more with what you said, almost have to break out a new ball every single hole.


I’ve been thinking of buying some Vice balls, but this gives me hesitation. May just go ahead and bite the bullet on some Pro V1’s at the 39.99 you can get them right now instead as much as it hurts.


I play the Snell MTB Black. It’s a really solid ball. Comparable in performance to a Pro V1 for me (might even be a bit longer off the tee, to be honest). It’s plenty good for basically any amateur golfer.


I don’t have any durability problems with the Snell MTB or the MTB Black, either. Some of my college kids, and my competitive daughter, use the Red, and they have no issues with durability either.


I’ve seen that too with scuffs, but my typical ball doesn’t last enough holes for that to matter to me.


observation - since taking some lessons re: driver 2 years ago…I rarely lose more than 1 ball a round and so the need to save 10-15 bucks a dozen has dissipated.