DFW Match Play Tournament

Not on the Refuge as much as I should be, but where would one find the info to jump in a tourney like this next go around?


Well let him know that if he wants to be included that he can play on Saturday AM in a 4some to knock it out!

@WhineyCracker52 you still interested and available next Saturday? See above

I second that.

Originally from the Frisco area. Currently in OKC but would love to get involved somehow.

If you’re in OKC right now, I’d check this thread out to meet some folks in your area.

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For sure! I’m in! I’m in for Saturday. When and where? Adding @Kgilles5 as it looks like that’s who I’m playing

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I think Rockwood would be a perfect place to meet up, seems pretty central to everyone and while I haven’t played it recently I hear it’s in great shape.

@PsychoScorecard and @ragsu64 if y’all are in TX or DFW, here’s the best place to start getting involved, even if just looking for a group to play a random round. Our more organized events sprung up in here too.

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Rockwood is great, play there every Saturday. Clubhouse is still being built but course is good and greens are slick

Does Sunday work? Since I sent that message the other 2 spots on our tee time got taken but there is an 8:10 on Sunday.

No problem. I can do 8:10 on Sunday. Which course? Need to start my visualization practice ASAP

Indian Creek, Creeks course

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Thank you!

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Guise – Extremely excited that some of the 1st round matchups will take place this week. If possible, let’s try to come back to this thread and give some detailed breakdowns of the matches. Possibly something for the losers to do as their punishment?


I don’t want to recount my loss. Please respect my privacy during these trying times.

Does that mean we’ve already had the match?? @FWTexas care to gloat in your presumed victory?

Yes. It could be said that a match happened today. Is there something that BOTH players (not just the winner) get for being the first?

Yes, I lost 3 & 2 to @FWTexas he also took the most beautiful picture of a shank anyone has ever seen.


I will spend most of my morning tomorrow writing a golfers journal-ish style write up about our match today. That way everyone can enjoy.


@NobodiesMedic is an absolute class act. We each had highs and lows but when it came down to it I think I won it on the first tee.