Any refugees deep in the DECADE system?

I’m interested in learning more and discussing the intricacies of the system.

I’m intrigued by “trusting the numbers” to plot my way around the course. Also get the feel that maybe it’s too general and not individualized enough?

Thanks in advance for any input

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Some hawt scawt fawcett takes here (along with DECADE talk.)

Whether you credit it to DECADE or common sense, I mapped out the tee shots for my state am qualifier last week on Google Earth and it did give me a lot of confidence off the tee. I knew I could step up and swing freely, understanding that I will more often than not end up in good shape. I wouldn’t do it for casual rounds but I can see the merits for competitive rounds.

Absolutely, crazy how some genuine planning / course management just frees you up. I’m interested in trying it in casual rounds just to see if there’s a massive difference

I didn’t even realize that connection, my bad.

No apologies. Far be it from me to enforce the duplicate thread guidelines…I’m not that kind of guy. Helping out with a link is all.

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Apparently we have hired help for that now. Let them deal with it.