Debate for/against marketing and club advancement

This is not the place to post you fitting experience. We are all glad you went and want to see the results data in the other club fitting thread.

This is where we debate the value of fitting and shaft upgrades and fitter product bias and unreasonable up charges.


Sorry you’re actually looking for

You can all go the fuck over there. It has been NONSTOP for like a month with this shit.





fake news shafts

This is easy.

Good fittings are valuable. Bad fittings are not valuable. Most fittings are bad fittings.


@HaveOuimet. Respect the hell out of you but you don’t have to participate or read.

If the refuge takes member business away from golfwrx and can fill that market desire then that’s good for NLU. Why can’t there be a corner here for people that like to discuss such things?

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Someone just started a thread about alignment stick covers.

Are we sure the Refuge is the place to truly have a serious discussion about ‘value’ and what that means?

I’ll log out of my Nest membership and listen.


@HaveOuimet would you rather have nonsense topics or nonsense filling good topics?

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You guise can argue shaft upgrades, fitter bias, upcharges and whatever the hell else you want but the value of a fitting is inarguable if we are being honest. @6thFairway sums it up the best. If this is going to go down the route of “ArE FiTtInGs WoRtH iT?” this is a waste of a new thread.


That was kinda my thought. I also want to see the info from people who go to fittings and don’t want to discourage people from posting. I was unintentionally being an ass earlier to @alexshreff and don’t want to deter people from pursuing their aspect of golf that they like.

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I mean if you and @gatorz7888 promise to keep all your arguing about fitting shit in here and not spread it to every other thread that touches clubs or swings or anything else, like you’ve been doing for the last month, knock yourselves out.


Seeing people being sold clubs under false pretenses and promises of game improvement is starting to get under my skin. I don’t like seeing people being taken advantage of.


That’s the idea. Create a black hole of sorts.

So you hate golf marketing in general?

“The Epic Flash Driver employs a new Flash Face Technology, created by Artificial Intelligence, to help golfers get more ball speed for more distance. That great feeling you get when you make a good swing and crush off the tee? Flash Face makes the ball go faster and farther.”

That’s direct from Callaway’s website. No fitter needed.



I know I get poked at about blowing through clubs all the time and not staying with a set or getting better for stuff to improve. But I think it’s because of that I know why scores don’t really fluctuate if I’m playing persimmons, blades, CBs, tour action wedges, sm7s, sub zero heads, handcrafted shafts, graphite from 2008.

None of my scores change significantly good or bad.

I have scored good and bad with all.

If there was a magic bullet I would have stumbled across it.

Like @Lazstradamus said. Golf is hard. Best way to get better. Is to get better. Which isn’t easy.

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Have you considered just quitting?


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Yes actually did for a year. Came back with a stronger obsession you see know.

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Yes. I hate it a lot. At best it’s misleading and some of it is downright nefarious. Why is golf equipment marketing the only marketing anyone believes? You’re being sold stuff and they’ll say whatever to make sure that happens.

All the marketing changed when youtube golf channels got access to launch monitors and drivers weren’t going “5 yards longer” every year. Did anyone else notice the switch from “5 yards longer” to “more forgiving”? It’s a big racket and I wish I understood the psychology behind why people will actually argue FOR the company selling them stuff.


I would LOVE to see this data and would bet it’s not correct. I played with Cleveland irons today, anecdotally they seemed way higher in spin which definitely affected a lot of shots, especially in the wind