Dbd 2020: Why live under par when you can double it? // EL PRESIDENTE

First off, I want to thank all of the volunteers to my campaign for helping us get to this point. I definitely want the thank the Carolinas RACDG chapter for their encouragement and advice. I’d also like to than the RACDG as an organization (shout-out to @The_Cad_Says) for letting me be a part of it. I’d also like to thank all of the Refugees for your contributions to our community. I appreciate the classy campaigns run by candidates so far, including my opponent in the general election.

Lastly, I’d like to thank our founders @Soly @Tron @djpie @Randy and @MerchCzar for giving us this venue to communicate with each other.

Being able to join this community and get to know a number of people in it both virtually and IRL has been an enriching experience.

My campaign is built around the idea of community. We are a growing community, and this growth needs to be managed in a smart way. The main mechanism for this is through local RACDG chapters to help initiate new members into the Refuge, a refuge of sorts from the Refuge.

More to come, thank you all for the opportunity.


Bravo! I would love to know your position and stance on high handicappers, low handicappers, and what you think your opponent feels about both levels of players?


I am a high handicapper, so I’ve got a lot of love and empathy for them.

I admire low handicappers for their talent and determination to get to low status.

I’ll let my opponent speak for himself, I’ll just say we are all people, not “technically” people, just people.


DBD has done a fantastic job of helping everyone across the Carolinas #GetInvolved with the RACDG! Has to be one of the most active chapters out there, can’t wait to get back out to Tobacco Road soon.


Thanks @NanerMan!

Will there be an announcement of your potential President’s Cup event before voting commences?

I’m kind of a single-issue voter.


I’ve always felts that high cappers get more of their money’s worth out of a round of golf. High hopes for Dave to stretch a dollar and bring value to the Refuge. Will I vote for him? Who can say.


As a fellow high handicapper and member of the Carolinas RACDG, I fully support DBD. He has done a fantastic job of facilitating meetups and encouraging everyone to get involved and I can’t imagine a better candidate.


I’m in communication with Tobacco Road about a potential Summer Solstice event. That’s not too far off.

I will hold an event if elected at Tobacco Road, and a few other courses depending on a few things
-the revised NLU event schedule (don’t want to make people choose between the two)
-my schedule as it becomes clearer.



Inorder to get to know me better, here are a few posts of mine from the thread where we doxxed ourselves after someone doxxed @djpie

Note: scrolling through the thread to find my posts, I was reminded that @GRWhitehead has fantastic hair.



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When you say high handicapper, how high? Are you a true high handicapper or just a vanity high handicapper?


A true high handicapper. I’ll let some of my playing companions answer for me @NanerMan @Just-a-little-right @ColoniusFunk @ATLtoRDU33 @Joezwickl @Very.chipper @CrucialTaunt


Isn’t it true you posted an 82 last month? When was the last time you posted a triple digit score?

This man may identify as a high capper, but the people will be the judge.


I would probably call you a mid handicapper.


The average male USGA handicap is 14.4 ( or was as of 2017). Are you above or below average?

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Some GHIN screenshots

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Slightly above today according to GHIN (14.2)

@Double_Bogey_Dave is a great guie and I played golf with him several times and he is a true high handicapper.