Dad (or Mom) Thread

After some sick baby gear talk in the Millionaire thread, it got me thinking that I should use the collective knowledge of the refuge to let the Dads inform me of the wokest gear/must haves out there.

First one to post a $1300 Uppababy stroller gets shot.

Edit: Also I should say we are having a boy, if that factors in to this at all.


this thing saved my life for my sons first year.


Can you make a full turn with this on? Lose much distance?

EDIT: I’m just making sure we’re in the clear with by making the thread golf-adjacent.


I dont know about golf, but my best bowling game ever came while wearing my son. Prior to that game, i’d never bowled over a 150. I rolled a 235 wearing this.


First one coming in 2 months. I’m in on this. Plz help.


Practice not sleeping for the next 8 months

in the best way possible. its great.




Fisher Price is a goddamn cash cow.

It’s insane how many thousands of dollars of toys my sister has received for my nephew all manufactured by them.

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dont buy a single toy. ever.

youll have enough people around you dying to buy toys. never, not once. kids toys will rule your life eventually.


You’ll learn that V-tech makes 8 million electronic toys. And they share approximately the same 7 jingles.

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My wife hasn’t been sleeping well through pregnancy which I believe is thousands of years of evolution preparing us for the imminent arrival.


You want a toy that your kid will play with non-stop? Buy them this:


My wife and I could have saved thousands of dollars just by purchasing a ton of mixing bowls.


streamline babys’ wardrobe guys. white onesies. Dont care about putting them in the “nice clothes” grandma buys for normal occasions. they grow out of them quick.


This product has been strongly endorsed by @2trickpony @bmr21 and @MrsDeepFriedEgg.

Help me understand. Do all strollers not roll? Do babies fall out of other seats?

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We are definitely on the no toys and also no clothes train. Although, I did buy a Masters onesie when I was there this year and a Ryder Cup bucket hat when I was at Whistling Straits but those don’t count. We are 20 weeks in and people have already bought us 5 outfits…

if you want bonus points, and shes planning on nursing, get up with her at night and rub her feet. it goes a long long way.

and dont complain about anything for at least a year.


We have one…it’s a fucking Cadillac. Seriously.

Look for used Bob strollers, especially if either of you are runners. They are pretty damn sturdy such that buying secondhand is fine, and you can get the attachment for the snap in infant seat until they are big enough to just sit in it.

if you and your mrs do a lot of running/walking/jogging, i could see how a nice stroller would be worth it. if you dont, skip the nice one.

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This is the one that initially caught our eye…

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