Crowd Sourcing Wedge Stamping Ideas


Looking to get a new set of wedges and, being the uncreative stooge I am, have become bemused as to what to stamp on said wedges. I am looking to buy a set of three or pair of two and would ideally like them to have some uniform theme and go together. I initially really liked the idea of one saying “hammer,” another “take,” and the last saying “hole,” but have fall into self doubt. Sorry if this is too insider baseball (golf?) for even the biggest of nerds…

Bonus Question: What do you think of wedge stamping? Do you stamp yours?


“Hosel” on one. “Adjacent” on the other. Breeds confidence and keep you close to your NLU roots.

“One Hop”, “Check”, “Stop” or “bring it back” or “spinner”

Some form of “Be the right club, today!”

Doing my best here but the creative juices just aren’t flowing. Would be down to stamp my wedges if I had something good.