COVID Travel Deals

Post your SWEET Carnival Cruise Spacial Fares here.

Today I got a fare alert for fares from LAX to Cape Town on United next winter for $567. That is a pretty amazing price, and South Africa in January is incredible. Will we be in wave 3? Will United be out of business in 2021? Tune in to find out.


That’s just the problem, the deals are spectacular but who knows if it’ll even be worth traveling at that time. We really want to go to Italy, but when will it be back to “normal?” Summer of 2021, 2022?

Who can say

My wife and I are hoping to vacation in North Korea in 2021. I hear they have some fabulous beach resorts just waiting to be discovered.


You won’t need a passport either as it’ll be a US territory.

“North Korea, the new Hawaii”

Whle this won’t be helpful to most, a few might need this…

if you have a rewards account (i do and go through them for business travel a ton)

they have recently cut their rewards needed to earn free nights in half, and I was able to cancel a block of rooms I had for august and re-book and ended up getting 6 free nights vs 3, and will now be able to take all 3 others in my normal 4 some on a weekend trip, based on one promotion.

If there was a SICK airfare deal, but it was 100% non-refundable (let’s assume it would still be an amount of $ you wouldn’t be comfortable just flushing)…how soon would you be willing to book travel?

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I’ve been really really watching for once in a lifetime deals.

Back right after 9/11, I was 19, 3 of us got round trip tickets to Miami from chicago, the same day.

flew down, went to the beach, came home, all in a cold ass winter day.

Thats the kind of deal I’m after now, just I’d play 18 somewhere rather than waste my time drinking on a beach



Check out the mams on the lady in the back


What a damn throwback :clap:


that made my day, thanks

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Check Allegiant if y’all are near a regional airport. I saw $29 flights each way from Sarasota to Asheville. Obviously you gotta pay $50 for a bag but that’s still a deal if you ain’t worried bout no Covid.

Panhandle rentals are dirt cheap for the summer, and the governor just opened them back up. We’re going in July, just waiting for a hurricane to ruin it now.

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They fly here outa Roanoke on thurs and sunday only, but hella deals.

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Nothing like riding out a hurricane in a 13th floor condo in Destin. Feelin like Lieutenant Dan screaming at the almighty from the crows nest


I was staying in Fort Walton on my honeymoon on that main drag strip thru the bay and ocean and literally got scared shitless watching a storm roll in


I’m thinking about going to Scotland or Ireland with my wife in early fall.

I’ve got flights to Scotland for the end of July that I booked in April. Would have been a tougher call without the blanket change fee waivers, but Houston to Inverness in both premium economy and business were $1300-$1800. That’s insane.

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Just took off for a weekend to the Outer Banks of NC and paid 124 a night to see the ocean from our rooms. With VA beach closed, the extra hour drive was worth it.

Would love to go back and golf there.