COVID: Playing Closed Golf Courses

Alright, lots of us are thinking it, but let’s get it out in the open and discuss it.

My local course is closed for the virus (most of them are - I get it, keep staff safe), but it’s walkable, and I can park my car and walk on. Can I? Should I? Do I?

No cops, please!


I passed our now closed muni on the way to work this morning and was thinking the same thing.

Only if it’s a solo round and you make sure to log it in GHIN to spite the USGA.


If you’re a cop you have to tell me.


Yes, as long as you mean the Country Club.


Caution about trespassing or violating some sort of emergency ordinance - play at your own risk. Slip a $20 under the door or something.


We have courses in small towns around here that have a drop box for greens fees. Just tape a 20 to the door.

I might go play East Potomac backwards if they close it.


We got an email from the course the other day saying the golf shop is closed for now but they’ll keep us updated… I think I’m really hoping for something that isn’t going to happen

I once played in Bowbells. My high school/college buddy was a teacher up there and most everyone who was a “member” of the country club (ha!) had a copy of the keys.

Just left some cash for the 12 pack we took out of the cooler and all was good.

Bottineau, if no one was in the clubhouse (Diane had to run to town for a moment!) we’d just sign in and leave something on the register. Or just pay post-round.

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There’s still snow on the ground here, but I hope once the course opens, there will be a push for more walking rounds since members take a cart probably 95% of the time.

I’ve played many courses where I just pay when I’m done since Diane had to run to town. Hahahahaha.

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I’ve been asking myself the same questions, and the answers to those questions are a resounding YES.

The real question though, is who’s going to break the mandatory quarantine (assuming they enact some type of ‘only leave your house for work, food, or emergency’) to go play their shuttered golf course?

Need play them before they get overgrown from lack of maintenance. I mean, you don’t want all that landscaping work to go to waste, right?

Look at this guy over here with his fancy golf course that does maintenance more than once every other month

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The Refuge Quarantines At BCN?

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It’s worth it even though I do find our dress code at the local muni requiring spats, dinner jacket and a monocle to be a bit tiresome.

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If you don’t like spats and a dinner jacket you can just go back to your shanty.


I think they usually take down the pins though which kind of makes it tough (I used to walk onto my old course when they closed for holidays). Tee shots are fine, but a lot of the greens that you can’t see clearly (elevated, bunkers, slopes) are impossible to see without a flag like 2nd shots on par 5s or long par 4s. Who cares though its still better than sitting on your hands inside.

You mean pin placement has an impact on your approach shots? #lowcapprivilege