COVID-19 Thread IV - Zombie Thread

ngl I was never big on dining in even before this I always preferred carry-out

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This is damned brilliant. Even more so when you use what I will now call “the @Lazstradamus method” when eating McDonalds breakfast sandwiches.


Dang, I love going out to restaurants. I like the feel of a restaurant buzzing on a Friday or Saturday night. Was just talking last night about how much we miss going out

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When I was single, It was easier for me to justify just going out and sitting at the bar than making myself food at home. Now that, that is no longer the case, I have gotten back to enjoying cooking at home again. I think it was very much a mental block of being a stubborn shithead when it came to ways to justify me eating out for basically every meal.

We tried carry out sushi the other night and, while it was good, it wasn’t something that I would really have a lot of desire to do all that often, but I totally get your feelings on not wanting to do it at all. I was having a craving, the better half caved after having your stame stance.


Yeah, my issue with cooking at home is cleaning up, I really enjoy cooking but really despise having to clean up after haha.

This going to say I am a HUGE fan of the home delivery meals…we gave up on Hello Fresh after their produce was bad more times than not. Have lately been all over Home Chef, great way to mix it up / try new things, and the portions are perfect.

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The rule at our house is whoever cooks doesn’t have to clean up, so you can bet that I am doing the majority of the cooking here. It works out well because she has admitted that I am a better cook (by no means am I any damned good as evidenced in what’s cooking) and she enjoys doing dishes and cleaning more than I do.

I hated all the home delivery things that I have tried so far for similar reasons as you mentioned, so have basically given up on them, but if you have any you’d suggest, I’m willing to give it another shot.

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As a former Republican and unabashed Trump hater (because of his stupidity, his corruption, his disdain for the rule of law, etc.), it warms my heart how much these Never-Trump Republicans are in Trump’s head.

If you enjoy some good old-fashioned discussion of this, I encourage you to listen to this podcast.


it’s funny how nobody has mentioned that fact that joel dahmen wasn’t probably social distancing when he shot the 58

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What makes you say that?

It doesn’t work worth every meal but my trick is to have a sink of dish water ready when I start cooking and clean up as much as possible while I cook



Absolutely, believe me when I tell you I know I’m using the shittiest excuse of all time haha

I also know part of my problem is using something and not putting it away…need a 1/4 tsp of baking soda, got it, aaaand now it is in the way but putting it back would be too easy


Me when it’s time to go eat in a Cracker Barrel because it’s my constitutional right


I miss the eating in a restaurant atmosphere.

I don’t really miss eating in a restaurant.

Important distinction and all that is back is the latter.


I got a very hearty chuckle out of this.

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they opened a cracker barrel in sacramento last year but I haven’t gotten around to going there

My wife and I went to a small local restaurant off the square in Ellijay. (Cantaberry). Social distancing observed, not many people inside, tables spaced out, limits on people on the outdoor deck- which is why we couldn’t sit there.

On the way home, we passed a Longhorn that was absolutely packed, parking lot full, people waiting outside. I’m sure they had tables spaced apart, etc. inside but it didn’t look like anything we wanted to try-- and we do like Longhorn and go pretty often before this happened.

This wasn’t too far from Ellijay up in NW GA somewhere.

Longhorn is always packed when we are visiting.

I eat there occasionally for work. You are not missing anything.

Typically just get breakfast regardless of time of day.