COVID-19 Thread IV - Zombie Thread

Our niece works on surgical floor at Mayo in Rochester. Furloughed.


We had the same here, hospitals are basically bleeding money because of not having elective and many non emergency procedures. It’s going to turn into a long road for those who are in need of things but have held off or have been told they have to hold off, as well. It’s not like you can just fire back up to how things were prior to this, especially as they are low on PPE in many places.

Holy smokes. Those are massive numbers for preliminary serosurveys.

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Maybe that’s why it was so bad in NYC.


I have an interesting story to share. I just received a message from my club GM asking if I could give him a call. I spoke with him and he told me someone called today on a private number and using a disguised voice claiming to be a co-worker of mine and that wanted to let people know I have contracted COVID-19 and am trying to spread it to others.

A couple things, I haven’t left the house since March 13th and have been here with my wife, two children, and our dog. I do not have COVID-19, nor does anyone in my household. I do not have a co-worker who knows where I play golf.

I could venture a guess as to who might be juvenile enough to do this sort of thing. I know we do petty things on internet message boards, but we shouldn’t expect that sort of thing to impact our real lives. But I suppose there are some out there who have too much free time on their hands. Regardless, I think I need to weigh whether I want to continue to be a part of this site.


Fucking woooaahhhh.


Are you fucking kidding me?!!

I’m sorry, man. People are the fucking worst.


Wow, great practical joke.

I’m not kidding. I like to joke and have fun. But this happened.


I know what you mean by this, but if someone legitimately did this from here because they thought it was a funny joke, they should immediately be banned forever. That is fucking lunacy.


Well yeah but does it look as bad if we now know 2-4 million people were infected?
This study didn’t include any kids or teens either.

This is massive. Puts their IFR in the worst case range around 0.6%.

I’ve heard of this happening before on other messageboards. Whoever stooped this low is not a good person. Just not a good person, period.


What the fuck? This is beyond absurd and I hope whoever did this is rightly ostracized. Bullshit.


Pretty sure he has been banned many times.

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I don’t know who this is in reference to, as I am unaware of anyone who has been banned. But there are plenty ways for boards to permanently cut people out and that should absolutely be done if there were anyway to figure out who it was.

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We all know who it most likely was and I don’t think he’s ever had an account here, but he religiously lurks because he’s a man child.


Par for the course:

Here’s my thing — we all make dumb comments (I sure as hell do), but we shouldn’t have to worry about some sociopath intruding into our real lives.


100% agree. Completely indefensible and unhinged. Absolutely defamatory, and could potentially be criminal if the club had taken that information and reached out to a state-run contact tracing effort to get them to notify their membership instead of talking to @JohnnyPanton directly. What a fucking insane thing to do.