Courses you want to knock out in 2019


Top of the list for me are the two Barnbougle courses and then the sandbelt. Boys tripped planning in the works for September/October.


Pasatiempo on the docket for Monday, Jan 28th at 7:30am - hope the weather cooperates.


Heading to LA this weekend. Going to check out new DMK Rolling Hills, Todd Eckenrode work at Brentwood, and my first time at Riviera (been toward top of my list for half my life). Also getting back to two of my favorites at Wilshire and Rustic Canyon.


On behalf of the SW Chapter of the RASDG, please let us know if you need a fourth at Rustic.


We are playing at 7AM Sunday 1/20. We reserved a twosome. If the other two spots are available, it would be great to meet up with a couple of local guys.


No openings at 7 unfortunately. Need to fill out any other foursomes?


Yo, big dawg, it would be sick to play some of these tracks!


What is it about Lincoln Park that makes a list like this? There are a few holes with great views, but it’s a par-66 and usually in piss poor condition. Maybe that’s gotten better but I have played it about 30 times, but not for many years because it’s just not worth the drive and time. (I used to live ten minutes from it.) I’d Uber your way out to Alameda and play Corica South if you’re looking for a great public course not on the list.


Played Corica south instead. It was ok the list just tocheck out the different courses and heard it was ok. Didn’t end up playing it


Ha there you go!



Does anyone know if calling up ballyhack can get me a tee time? Does it operate like Dormie now that its in the DN?


Adding Cullen to my list:


San Diego/La Quinta Trip:
PGA West- Stadium Course
Torrey Pines North
Rams Hill

Tampa Trip:
Winter Park
World Woods
Southern Hills Plantation Club
Juliette Falls

Sweetens Cove
The Dunes Club
Warren Course


Just booked a trip to Hilton Head and am playing Harbor Town, Atlantic Dunes, and Heron Point. Still hoping to add Sweeten’s later in the spring before Scotland this summer.


Still probably a pipe dream, but Merion has been #1 on my bucket list for most of my life. I volunteered the ‘05 US Am, ‘09 Walker Cup and ‘13 US Open, so I’ve seen the course a ton, but never gotten to play. Holding out hope on some family connections as a wedding present this year. If anyone has an in, hit me up!

Side note: I was a standard bearer for Rickie Fowler as 20 year old amateur at the Walker Cup and have been a huge fan since. I hate the Puma clothes, but have to say this is a rare bad take for @Randy.


I’m assuming your staying in sea pines with that lineup?


Correct. Replay rates at Atlantic Dunes and Heron Point are just $50 (cart fee) that way.


Perfect, interested to see how you rank Heron and Dunes against Harbor Town…I think they all stack up very well against each other.

You’re close to Coligny Beach…there’s a brekfast place in a strip center nearby called Southern Coney. Pancakes are phenomenal.


Meadow Club - Fairfax, CA - 1927 - Dr. A. MacKenzie - check


Pasatiempo - Santa Cruz, CA - 1929 - Dr. A. MacKenzie - double check