Courses you want to knock out in 2018


Pretty cool to play it in U.S. Open conditions then…


Favorite courses I have played so far this year ranked in order of most enjoyable.

Mammoth Dunes - the scale, the condition for only being fully open for a month, caddie, resort vibes. Just an incredible experience. Plus being even through the first 8 with two birdies further amped this…we won’t talk about what happened on #9.
The Ocean Course - got to play this one with my dad and brother. Expensive but I would say worth it to play once. Wind was no joke and purest rolling greens I have played.
Sand Valley - probably favorite from an architectural standpoint, but it was our second 18 in 110 heat index weather with 20 mph winds. Shot a 93 and it felt like a 73.
Arcadia Bluffs - amazing scenery and iconic holes. A bit tricked out and greens were so firm that it felt impossible to stop the ball at times. Round also took 5+ hours.
Lawonsia Links - awesome golden age architecture and the green complexes were outrageously excellent. Can’t wait to play here again.


Bethpage Black I’m going to a wedding in Sept and will take the train out there the next morning… any NY NLU fans are welcome to join me (09/23).

Anything around Pinehurst My in-laws bought a condo in Charlotte to be near my 1 month old neice… Need to make some day trips when we visit.

Sweetens Cove Hey, it’s only 5.5-6 hours in the other direction from Charlotte…

Pebble Beach


TPC Harding Park


Maketewah CC
Hyde Park CC
Pinehurst #2 and #4???