Courses you want to knock out in 2018


Played there last weekend and it was fantastic. When we got to play.

Saturday afternoon we rolled into Hutchison around 2pm. Got to the club and the weather was perfect. Sunny, 72, slight breeze. Played with @JohnnyBoy and got around the course in 2:20. Both of us shot great and we only saw two other people on the course. One of the most enjoyable rounds of golf that I’ve ever played. Love that course.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and at our 9am tee time, it was 32* with 25mph winds and a wind chill of 20*. We were bundled up in all of the clothes we brought, pullovers, vests, rain suit for wind protection, beanies, and winter gloves. Played 2 holes and called it. Didn’t want to ruin our good thoughts from the previous day’s round, so we went back to the clubhouse!

One of the most hospitable clubs that I’ve ever visited. The entire staff went above and beyond, the food was great, and the cabins on the north end of the property were so convenient. If you ever have the chance to make it to Prairie Dunes, take it!


Prairie Dunes Country Club.



Arcadia Bluffs is a dream! Make sure you spend the night there, if you can! If not, make sure you stay for the bagpipe player who comes out on Friday and Saturday nights! It’s wonderful sitting in the adirondack chairs overlooking 18’s green and Lake Michigan while he plays!


You forgot Mira Vista Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas. You were probably just saving that one for the full review later, right @Morety ?


Crystal Downs was not what I expected it to be. The greens were like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in terms of breaks, and I’ve played golf around most of northern Michigan. It was beautiful, but you have to play it 3 or 4 times to actually have any chance to shoot a good number. Have fun!