Courses you want to knock out in 2018


Pinehurst No. 2 is definitely coming off the board for me. Will also be playing Austin GC.


Jax Beach (:wolf::hammer: w/ NLU)
East Lake


Pinehurst 2
East Lake
Streamsong Red/Blue/Black


Sweetens, Berkeley Hall, Bethpage Black, Montauk Downs, and any of the clubs out in the Hamptons. Been going out there for years and best course I’ve played is Long Island National, back when it was public.


Have to keep it realistic (within driving distance of Duval unless I’m covering a tournament nearby)

Old Course (just found out Senior Open is there the week after The Open. Not good for my chances)
Pinehurst No. 2
All the Streamsongs
NGLA (or anything on Long Island)
Trinity Forest


@UncleJoost Play Bethpage Black in the AM and Red in the PM. Red is a fantastic course on it’s own, and overshadowed by Black.


Rackham (old Donald Ross muni in Detroit)
Sand Valley
Oakland Hills


Mountain Lake (Florida)
Streamsong (all 3)
Shooting Star
The Prairie Club


Cheers for this - tempted to hold off on Woodhall for another 18 months and lock it in for summer 2019.

Enjoy the Surrey heathland!


I have the luck of playing portrush and portstewart this coming April. Hopefully county down as well.



Orchard lake cc, Meadowbrook cc, Inverness, , arcadia bluffs south

Out of Town

Streamsong, sand valley, morraine cc


If you’re lucky enough to make it to County Down, check out Railway Cafe just barely off the grounds. The owner there is a young guy, and a caddie and member at County Down named Steven. Hell of a player, and the breakfast at his restaurant is incredible. I just went in there because he owned it, but it was legitimately a very memorable breakfast. Order the Vic and thank me later.

I’m sure you’ve gotten plenty of recommendations for Harbour Bar in Portrush, but it really is a must do.


I’m sure you’re aware (and that’s why it’s on your list), but Sand Valley is such a great experience. Heck, even getting there is an adventure. Staff was great and they even had a mechanic check out my car after hitting some major bumps on the sand road getting into the course. Everything has a grand scale and the best views are from the tips which are really playable.

Sand Valley (Mammoth and par-3)
Hilton Head Courses


5 likely for 2018…

  • Olympia Fields
  • Lawsonia Links
  • Sand Valley/Mammoth Dunes
  • Pasatiempo
  • Cal Club


Cal Club is all world. Great course and the vibe in the clubhouse is great. Enjoy!


We ko pa
Sand Valley
Mammoth Dunes
The Quarry at Giants Ridge


I have the Kings and Queens at Gleneagles to look forward to in a few months.


Thats a really solid tip. Will definitely do that. Headed over there for a wedding with my wife and toddler son. Plenty of uk experience but first time in N Ireland. I’ve been using the pod from you guys trip as a reference point.


Would love to piggyback on a Cabot trip. Will be your Canadian translator


Anyone with Cabot on the list, make sure you make time for Fox Harb’r as well. Have heard from a bunch of people they enjoyed it more than Cabot :gift: