Courses you want to knock out in 2018


My 100% sure I’ll be playing these at least once list:

  • Greywalls
  • Sand Valley
  • Mammoth Dunes
  • Lawsonia Links

(I’m a bit of a homer, but until I have more work travel nailed down this list will have to do)


There’s a whole trail down south that has the family name on it. You should check that out.


Coming from Ohio I’ve got the following

Double Eagle


This is a great thread. Me and 3 mates are going to Cabot over Labor Day weekend. I could not be more pumped to play it for 4 days. Have heard so many good things. You guys should come join us then too.

My 5 not yet played for 2018 would be:

  1. Cabot Links
  2. Cabot Cliffs
  3. Highland Links (Also in Cape Breton)
  4. Cuscowilla
  5. Piping Rock


Im trying to get those first three on your list done at the end of June. Only 5 more months… :disappointed:


As far as somewhat reasonable
Sand Hills
Prairie Dunes
Rock Creek Cattle

  1. Royal Melbourne
  2. Victoria
  3. Metropolitan
  4. The Loop
  5. Sand Valley

I’m cheating a bit since I knocked out the Australian courses just after New Year’s, but technically in 2018. I’ll probably just get to one of the last two, but will hopefully be able to combine The Loop with another Northern Michigan course or Sand Valley with Lawsonia on the same trip.


Awesome, would be cool to hear your thoughts on best places to eat and drink outside the resort after you go.


This is tough. I’m legitimately trying to play the Top 100 and others that interest me so narrowing to five is a ball buster, but I like the idea. If I had to narrow down to five that are somewhat realistic they would be these, but in no particular order.

  1. Sand Hills
  2. Quaker Ridge
  3. Old Sandwich
  4. Peachtree
  5. Crystal Downs


Pasa is so good! Also, the views at Arcadia are world class. Enjoy!


You’ll love NGLA. Such a surreal experience and oozes strategy. One of my best days on a golf course.


Prairie Dunes is an all-timer. In my personal top five.


Going to San Diego on Det for 4 weeks definitly going to try and sneak on Torrey at some point… otherwise Banff Springs and Jasper Park are definitely on the list


I’ll break it up into 2 parts. First of all, I know that I’m playing Pasatiempo, Spyglass and Pebble Beach in August with my Dad. I’d love to get onto Monterey Peninsula, Cal Club, San Francisco Golf Club, or Olympic Club on that trip as well.

I live just outside of Boston, so here are the courses around here that I want to play in no particular order and are somewhat feasible:
Boston Golf Club
Old Sandwich
Eastward Ho!


75% sure you can play Prairie Dunes as a guest (without a member) for $200+ with guest fee (with a member) being cheaper. Earlier this year, they were extending national memberships for a $1500 joiner fee and $200 per month! As someone that lives in Kansas City and family in Wichita, was very tempted.


Any combination of the following, among others. Not doing much golf focused travel.

Blue Mound CC
Lawsonia Links
Mammoth Dunes
The Loop
Stoatin Brae


Going to try and knock out some generally midwest/mid south courses…

  1. Sweetens Cove
  2. Stoatin Brae
  3. Shoreacres
  4. Sand Valley
  5. Mammoth Dunes


Rye is fine you just have to write (email) the secretary. The email address is on the website. Swindled you can do by phone easily.

Woodhall restoration is over 3 years. 2nd part just complete and bedding in. Final 6 holes (nearest clubhouse) will be done in a year’s time.


Locked in so far:

Tokyo GC

Also in the frame:

Crystal Downs
Kingsley Club
Oakland Hills


I have a Harbour Town tee time set for this summer right now so that’s one

Others are
Sweetens Cove
Cascades Course
Friars Head