Courses you want to knock out in 2018


@djpie hit me up when you’re Cruden Bay bound


I’ll be at the US Open in June so golfing in the Hamptons is top of my list. Suggestions welcome.


Ru, I’ve got just one word for you: Fishers


@Tron, can I have one name, a Fishers member’s name… :sweat_smile:


@RuMacdonald I’m SOL there, as my trip there was part of the Blair Wish Project :pray:


Any course in Scotland. Literally.
The Loop at Forest Dunes
Crystal Downs
Hyde Park (not the shitty in Jax)


Randy, you keep chirping about Hyde Park and you’ll find yourself #blocked in these parts. Consider/beware.


Swinley Forest
Woodhall Spa

Fortunately Murfield and Renaissance are locked in over Masters weekend. I hear Swinley is a little more open to visitors than it has been in the past, although suspect I will have to keep digging for an in at Rye.

The Hotchkin at Woodhall Spa is currently having a Doak-storation, not sure if this will be complete this year or 2019, but can’t wait to get up there once its done!


Rustic Canyon
Montauk Downs


Happy to see Cabot on the list. You will love it. The hospitality is above and beyond. Make sure you take a caddie as you are sometimes aiming 40 yards away from a pin to get close.


Hey doublecross. Pretty good list there. Swinley no longer requires a letter from your priest.

2 trips planned for me this year. Holland links courses in May which are supposed to be great and then West Coast in September and hoping to get to -

Cal Club
San Francisco
Maybe one a bit further south…


Leaving out Augusta, PV, Cypress for a more likely list:

NGLA, Fishers, Sleepy Hollow, Maidstone, The Creek, Pasatiempo, Sweetens


Inverness (really hoping to check it out with this new restoration)
Franklin Hills
The Loop at FD


Assume you are referring to Tommy Raynor…


Being in Cincinnati, I know that Camargo CC is a Raynor design and I would love to get a chance on it but those odds are slim, what’s my closest Raynor public course? I am willing to make a drive.


The Dunes Club
Arcadia South (opening August-ish I heard)
Concession GC


My Realistic List:

The Harvester Golf Club
TPC Deer Run
Sand Valley
Erin Hills
Whistling Straights


Belvedere is such an underrated gem in Northern Michigan. Underrated in terms of it not being your typical Michigan resort golf w/ amenities that the typical summer tourist is looking for. Just pure golf.


haha honestly it is prob the round im most excited for

I sadly have been going up to Boyne for 10+ years and never even realized its existence until last summer, brutal considering its 20 mins away. When Doak mentioned it on his original friedegg pod I looked it up and cannot get out there fast enough

especially after they found the original Watson plan last year in a shed and Bruce Hepner had been working on it. #shitsdope

  1. Barnbougle Dunes
  2. Horsham GC
  3. Warrnambool GC
  4. Cape Wickham
  5. Healesville CC