Courses you want to knock out in 2018


Give me the 5 courses you’re going to try to play in 2018.

Mine, in no particular order, but going all public:

  • Cabot (Either)
  • Cruden Bay
  • Erin Hills
  • Pasatiempo
  • Arcadia Bluffs


Eschewing the Augusta/Pine Valley/Cypress/Shinnecock obvious ones.

National Golf Links
Fisher’s Island
Sand Valley


Garden City
Prairie Dunes
North Berwick


I am really looking knock out some Jones courses. If I can play the entire Rees collection in 2018 it will be a rousing success.


Trying to figure out how the block/suspend button works


I’m tying to only play raynors in 2018


My five:

Old Course
Sand Valley
Whisper Rock
Prairie Dunes

I’ve got the Old Course locked in, going to be calling in major favors to hit the other four.


That LACC West is gonna be a tough track to get on… lemme know how that works out


I’m thinking big on a couple of these, but:

Crystal Downs
Sand Valley
Erin Hills
Sweetens Cove
Sand Hills


First timers:


Castle Stuart
Moray Old
County Sligo


Trinity Forest
Cypress Point
Sand Valley
Streamsong Black


LACC West is a comp-Osite routing. Heard good things - will keep you posted :wink:

  • Cathedral Lodge
  • Cypress Point
  • Nanea
  • Pasatiempo
  • The Preserve


No particular order

-Black Sheep
-Mammouth Dunes
-The Bourne Golf Course
-Fyre Lake


meant to ask
@Soly join Nairn yet?


Haha, I have not. Now that I’m at least three flights away from it, it seems like even less of a likelihood. But would still be worth it just to say that you’re an overseas member.


Sweetens Cove is #1. If I live to play another course after that…there’s some Strantz courses calling my name.


Not meaning to veer this thread. However, can we discuss @Soly making such an impression as to have his own blog post linked to the esteemed site of Nairn Golf Club?

I give you “The Bothy”…click "A Visitors’ Review"


I’m trying to get busy in the NYC/Long Island:

  • Fisher’s Island
  • Bethpage Black
  • NGLA
  • Garden City
  • Flushing Pitch & Putt

The last one is the crown jewel.


Legitimately had no idea that this was the case. This has gotta get me honorary membership, right?


#TourDeStrantz is happening this year.