Courses Near Edinburgh


I am going to Scotland at the end of the summer on a family trip (not a golf trip unfortunately). I am hoping to sneak off with 1 or 2 of my cousins to squeeze in some golf. Any course recommendations near Edinburgh? Thanks.


Ask @RuMacdonald on Twitter / Instagram. Dude will hook you up.


You can get from Central Edinburgh to North Berwick in half an hour or less on the train and then walk to North Berwick West Links in under 10min. If you play a parkland around the city rather than than you’re insane. One of the handful best golf experiences on earth.


Was in Edinburgh at the end of May. My father-in-law, brother-in-law, and I snuck off for half a day to play Gullane No. 1. We were staying in the city center and took us about 40 minutes (driving) to get to the course. Most of that time was just getting out of Edinburgh. Loved the course and it was really cool getting to play it just before the Scottish Open. They were in the process of building risers on 1 and 18, but the rest of the course was untouched. Great elevation changes out there, and some awesome views. Could be fun to watch the tournament this weekend, and then go play the course at the end of the summer.

Hope you have a great trip!


A 40 min drive east of the city gets you right in the middle of East Lothian. From there you can take your pick of Muirfield, North Berwick, Gullane 1, 2 and 3, Luffness, Kilspindie, Cragielaw, Renaissance or Archerfield depending on what kind of vibe you’re after. I’m sure there are others that I’ve missed.

Could not speak more highly of Kilspindie for a fun/casual round.


I was a student at the University of Edinburgh and tried to get out to Prestonfield Golf Club whenever I could. Simple links course that was almost always available and was reasonably priced. Enjoyed it every time


Thank you to everyone who recommended Kilspindie. One of the most breathtaking courses I’ve ever played, we lucked out and had great weather (sunny with no wind) and the course played pretty true to it’s short length. The people there were great, overall fantastic experience. I would highly recommend.


glad you enjoyed it. question for you, and others, when they get a perfectly calm sunny day in Scotland? Do you almost feel jipped if that was your one round?

I had that at the Old Course, maybe 5-10 mph wind, warm, sunny. Perfect day for golf but I felt like I missed some of the experience. Fortunately later in Scotland and Ireland it blew hard.