Course on top of your Bucket List


aside from the obvious ones I have thing for heathland courses so Swinley Forest, St Georges Hill and Parkstone are the top 3 on my list currently.
As Im living in Spain I´d love to play Valderrama but the cost and stories of how they treat guests put me off


I wanna do like a week long Sandbelt trip. Trouble is, my best mate who I normally travel with loves golf but sucks at it and he’d hate playing those courses. He refuses to take lessons or work on his game but then bitches about how bad he is.

Scotland/Ireland trip would be amazing. Still irks me that I lived in Glasgow for a year in the mid 2000s and didn’t give a flying fuck about golf. I even went to St Andrews and did the pic on the Swilken Bridge (though wasn’t cheeky enough to grab someone’s club!) but had no desire to play. How times have changed…now I gotta travel for 30 something hours to get there.


Pulled this out the bag…! Managed to get a tee time secured at the Old Course and Muirfield April next year… proper bucket list stuff and just a bit excited

I’ll even put up with the jacket and tie lunch at muirfield to play

Anyone got any tips for these two…?


Thousand Greens update: I am heading down to Florida tomorrow. Have a game at Old Memorial in Tampa with a member coordinated through Thousand Greens.

Also, one of the members at The Concession down in Sarasota was very helpful as well (even offered to accommodate an unaccompanied round for me), but the timing just wasn’t right.

Definitely proof of concept.


Personally would be completely against these ‘one time only’ courses.

Totally elitist and up their own arses. Tara Iti looks immense and unlike any other course, but at the end of the day it’s just a golf course.

The Renaissance in Scotland (also Tom Doak) also has a similar one time only philosophy.

Sorry, but for less money and less hassle you can play any number of great courses and return year after year with new friends and a warm welcome each time.

My Bucket List… definitely the Old Course which I’m fairly confident of sorting next year.

Beyond that, my bucket list has to be a trip to Bandon. A few years away though.


Great, great track. Played it in December of 2017 on an absolute blue bird day. No yardage markers. One of the caddies in our group had carried Phil Mickelson’s bag the week before. The history just oozes out of the place and the track is just awesome. Totally playable with the greens and bunkering the defense.


Living in NY, friars head and maidstone are two bucket list ones.

Seminole has always intrigued me

Still need to do a Bandon trip and obviously the monterrey peninsula courses


I live in Northern California, so there are a few that are “easily” doable, as the only thing stopping me is the money (and finding ideally someone else dumb enough to pay the greens fees with me):

  • Pebble Beach
  • Spyglass
  • MPCC
  • Pasatiempo

And then, there are others nearby that I would love to play but need to know someone:

  • Cypress Point
  • Olympic Club, Lake
  • The Cal Club

Finally, the courses that I’d need to travel to that I dream about:

  • Cabot Cliffs
  • Tara Iti
  • Sand Hills

Obviously Pine Valley and Augusta but the above are at least in the realm of possibility.


as a Maxwell guy, i might go with Crystal Downs. Non-Maxwell is Olympic maybe (pppphhhhuck I loved Cal-Club). If that’s too cheaty I might say Old Town Club. Still too much? How about Pasa? Fancy muni still cheating? Ok…Dornick Hills (see what I did there?).

Outside of the states it’s Royal Dornoch, and anything in the Australian sand belt.