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Going to Michigan in a few weeks and was searching through the Michigan thread and it wasn’t an efficient way to find courses. There are always threads being created asking for course recs… would it be a big ask to get a by-state or by-city course directory in the refuge or possibly like the Nest Member Directory? Could be strapped and c-suite categories.


Metro Detroit
C-suite: Oakland Hills, Plum Hollow, Bloomfield Hills and Meadowbrook
Strapped: Rackham, Fieldstone, Pine Trace
Strapped (plus) Shepherds Hollow, The Majestic, Fox Hills (Golden Fox), and Eagle Crest

Northern Michigan is Big Randy country, and West Michigan there was a thread put out by the Fried Egg boys in 2019/2020 I believe

Grand Rapids (and North of)
(Omitting those already featured on NLU TS)
C-Suite: Tulleymore & St. Ives, Thousand Oaks, Arcadia Bluffs
Strapped: Maple Hill, Saskatoon, Gracewil, Indian Trails
Strapped (plus): Thornapple Pointe, Quail Ridge, The Meadows

*this is an incomplete list as there are a ton of quality courses that fit into the Strapped categories

I’m sure that we (the refuge) could crowd source a Google course map. Or maybe that could be something that a nest could takes on for their region. It could be color coded based on private, public, strapped etc

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