Cork and Waterford areas Ireland


Gonna be on a cruise in a few weeks of British Isles, with stops near Cork and Waterford. Only 1 day at each place. Thinking of playing Old Head when at Cork (the ship docks at Cobh I think?), if we have enough time to get to Old Head and back before the ship departs.

Any advice appreciated.


Cork Golf Club is a MacKenzie design so always worth a visit (one of only two MacKenzie’s in Ireland). Fota Island is nearby in Cork too, hosted a few Irish Opens. Nothing special but still a decent round with some memorable holes.

Kinsale should be reachable, its about 30-45 mins away. Maybe a little more if you hit traffic.


Good info. Thanks. If had to pick b/n Old Head and Cork GC, which way would you go?

(That’s basically where I am)


Well, to be honest I’ve played neither.

Cork is 60-100 euro a round depending on when you play.

Old Head is 275-300 euro (+ caddy if wanted) per round. I’m reading Tom Coyne’s ‘A Course Called Ireland’ and he loved Old Head. By the looks of it, it’s stunning so if money is no issue I’d try it. Old Head is bucket list type golf.


So last night my wife gave me the very exciting news that her mother would like to take the whole family for a week long holiday in Kinsale next summer, likely the week of July 4. I have played a fair amount of golf in Ireland, but never made it down to the Old Head, so that is certainly at the top of my list, but I am also trying to figure out what other golf I should try to squeeze in (my wife is not a golfer and my daughters will be 5 and 7, so I am not likely to be playing 36/day on this trip).

Cork sounds great and might be my best option for a second round, but what I really want is some true links golf, and unfortunately I don’t know of any links closer than Dooks, which is a little more than 2 hours drive. My wild plan that could lead to some domestic discord would be to head up to Ballybunion for a 10 am tee time at the Old Course, followed by an afternoon round on Cashen, then find a cheap B&B for the night somewhere in Clare to give me 6 hours or so at the Irish Open at Lahinch before rejoining my family. A more realistic version of that plan would be going up and back in a single day to play Ballybunion Old or Tralee, with 5-6 hours of driving included, and watching the action at Lahinch on tv.

Any little 9 hole links gems that I should be considering instead (or, dare I say, in addition)?


Back from the cruise yet? Where did you end up playing?