Corey Paul Functional Art

Quite a bit of discussion on these in the deal threads. Would love to see any more pics in the wild.

If anyone has thoughts on curved vs. flat grind or heads vs. pre. shafted i’d love to hear them. This could turn in to quite the rabbit hole for me.

From instagram stories it seems blanks will be available again this coming weekend May 23rd.


Yeah these have been doing the rounds in the RACDG GB&I chapter. Some very tempted people here but the import taxes will kill us.

Fucksake, just realised its you @BurnHardLanger!! No wonder you’ve seen them!. :joy:

Weird coincidence… I posted this early AM before the discussion on whatsapp… took a few hours for moderator approval…

I was inspired by @xthrubyx great pic in the deals thread.

I’ll probably have a US trip before end of year so trying to decide how deep I am going to go with this… maybe bring a bin bag full of blank heads back for the RACDG GB&I

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I was going to wait until I hit them to say anything in here, but god damn are they pretty.

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Uh oh.


How much is excess baggage again?!

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I picked up some of the pre-shafted minimalist options when he put them on sale last week. Can’t wait for them to come in.

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Tamer than a lot of the stuff he’s got going now.

But so far i like them. Fairly indistinguishable from Vokeys imo.


Fucking sick. I love his work.

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Loving the ferrules!

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I need to find some C-Tapers for mine, going to be the first clubs I build; pretty excited.


The minimalist heads are incredible. I need to get fitted for new irons, then I can figure out my shafts.

I’m hoping MP-20 HMB are my irons, and I will carry those shafts into my 50* and 54*. What the thought on a 58* degree shaft that will rarely see full shots?

I asked in daily deals but I’ll ask here too. I have Rifles in my current wedges and would like the same if I grab some of these. Should I pay the $225 for the shafts through CPFA or try to find some on eBay (or pull from my current wedges)? How are others approaching it?

I’m getting my own shafts.

Have a 58 I dropped off at the builders, then everything got shut down. Still waiting and remain pumped to get it

Got my shipping notice just now for the wedge sale. I had mine with shafts installed.


Pretty sure everyone on the 'fuge has seen them at this point but CPFA does irons too and they are ::chefs kiss:: quite good. My only nit to pick with the irons is the top line to hosel transition is a little scoopy in the 9I & PW. Otherwise I truly believe it would be hard to find a better looking ‘custom finished’ iron than CPFA.

Eventually going to get a wedge set with matching finish fer sher


Fuuuuuckkkk. If / when the blanks hit… fuuuuuccckkkkk


Also, if you have a good local builder or can install shafts yourself (really not all that difficult on wedges) it is pretty much always going to be much cheaper to find shafts on the bay or wrx and go that route. Esp for wedge shafts unless you are looking for something up market. Just buy any old cleveland 588 wedge set that’s beat to shit for $25 and voila, you have 3 wedge shafts.

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