You are more than welcome to pick a board from the sheet and just play for fun.


SOME of the BINGO numbers are up. I have to wait until the PGA updates the official stats on their site before I can be sure that all applicable BINGO numbers are up. (I think the updates come out out tomorrow.)

Also, I am 90% positive that Xander has never been a guest on NLU…@Soly, please correct me if I am wrong.





3 squares after the first week including the middle of the board…is that good?


The Tour updated their stats page and all stats-related outcomes are still available. So, after Week 1, there were FOUR outcomes that occurred. They are listed on the Google Sheet.

You are RESPONSIBLE for checking your board. I am not going to mark them for you. :slight_smile:


Just to be clear from the jump: The current counter for #59 - FedEx Cup Leader Changes for Fifth Time is now 1, correct?


Correct. We have had one lead change for the # 1 rank in FedEx Cup points.


Once the Tour updates the stats and the OWGR comes out, I will post any applicable BINGO numbers.


By my calculations, there is ONE number for this week. You guys can thank Sam Burns for 3-jacking the 17th during Round 1 of the Sony Open and revealing # 69. (cue: Nice.)


The Tour and OWGR have updated their websites with the latest standings. So, here are the latest BINGO numbers and descriptions…

3 - 2018 Web Grad Wins

70 - Winner is OWGR 200 - 499

73 - Jordan Spieth Drops to #20 OWGR (or worse)

If I missed any, please let me know.



Thanks for keeping these otherwise “lame” weeks interesting, Scuff.
Shared this with my gambling group and got a group of a dozen bingo-ing.
Let me know if you are ever in OKC and I’ll treat you to a round of golf for your efforts!


New BINGO numbers are up! Here are the two from this week:

57 - Non-Americans finish 1 - 2 in a Tournament

60 - Winning Score of Farmers Insurance is -7 or Better


More curious than anything, where do these come from? As in, is there a site setting an O/U for winning score or did you just do it?


I looked at historical scores and found that most were between -6 and -14. In hindsight, I should have gone higher, but sometimes the house loses.


Gotcha. Yeah, I don’t think anyone saw -21 being the winning score so can’t blame you there.


New numbers are up.

#8 - Winner shoots over par in final round

#22 - World # 1 for five consecutive weeks

#41 - Rickie Fowler wins

I believe our first DEAD outcome has occurred:
#37 - Jon Rahm wears a jersey during Waste Management

This was a bit of a surprise as Rahm has traditionally worn a Pat Tillman jersey at hole 16. If anyone has video/photo/news evidence proving otherwise, please let me know. If you have # 37 on your board, please understand that a “DEAD” outcome is the same as the number not being called. In other words, you cannot have a BINGO with a row that has # 37 in it.


Because of the Monday finish, the PGA Tour has not yet updated the statistics. I expect the stats will be updated late today or on Tuesday. Once the stats have been updated, the BINGO numbers will be posted.


The stats have been updated and wow! Lots of numbers called this week. I am sensing a BINGO is inevitable.

11 - Winner is Past NLU Guest

14 - Monday Finish

26 - Phil Mickelson Wins

48 - Pebble Beach Pro-Am (Pro Only) is -10 or Lower

54 - Americans Win for Fifth Time


we also had the 3rd FedEx cup lead change for anyone else tracking square 59 (CHIII, X-Man & Kuchar)


You are correct. I will say that my intent was to track FedEx Cup changes beginning Jan. 2019. Since I failed to mark it with an asterisk, which indicates a January start date for tracking, I have no choice but to include CHIII as a FedEx Cup lead change. I will update the Google Sheet.

My decision is final.