College Student Private Membership?


I love Stonewall - IMHO, it’s just too far to make it worth it. You’d be better off going to Glen Mills (particularly if you went to Swarthmore)

Also, if you head down the Swarthmore path, there is Rolling Green Golf Club in Springfield PA. I think people in Philly know how good a course it is, but it suffers from being a bit away from the Main Line and is in a part of Delaware County that while a nice town, it doesn’t necessarily have the big dollars that Merion, et. al Country have. I hate to call it a hidden gem, but might be the closest thing to a hidden gem in the Philly burbs. They might be open to your situation - if I recall they have a decent young professional membership category (which maybe you could fit in to).

I absolutely love the course. William Flynn design, great green complexes, interesting holes. Challenging but not brutal


My brother plays lacrosse at Swat right now but I am not sure where their team plays. Rolling green would be unreal. What are your experiences like at Stonewall? If I could work in and around the philly area (future future planning) I would 1000% think about becoming a member (partner?) not sure what they call it. Do you know what those rates are like? Tried looking on the website to procrastinate in class and they had monetary values for every other form of membership. I am fascinated to see what it is like to be a member there/ play there


Way in on the the topic of working at a golf course in any capacity, even more so on the grounds staff. Go for it!


If you’re on the Main Line this could be tough, but as a college guy you might be able to swing it if you’re going back and forth during off hours… Avoid the Schuylkill (76) at rush hours. Period.

South Jersey…

These have decent Young Professional/jr memberships that I know of:
Merchantville (where I am)… 9 holes but very solid membership and you’d be able to play whenever you wanted (no tee times). Home course for Rutgers Camden. I go out for a few holes of practice on Saturdays at 4 and have the place to myself… Tight but gives you a couple Par 5’s right out of the gate and par 3’s with tiny greens. Nearly all the 4’s are drivable.

On Philly Side I believe Cedarbrook near Blue Bell has good deal (played a GAP match against a younger guy who loves it), howeva could be just as long getting up the Blue Route from Main Line as would be to S Jersey.

Good luck.


Wow, Country Club Tron essentially saying that the world needs ditch diggers too


Heck, I love the ditch diggers. Nobody loves agronomy and maintenance more than me. NOBODY!


This pretty much sums it all up. We went with COD (shoutout Big :tiger2:) and whatever NCAA football game had just come out, RIP to that franchise. God I miss sitting on our shitty sofa, cracking some Natty Lights, and figuring out plans for the night. Whenever college kids say they can’t wait to graduate I always think of this scene from Billy Madison.


I did it, top 15 ish course in Canada, and I enjoyed it their junior and Student Rates were very affordable (basically had to play 27 holes a month to make it worth it) the only issue was I never had a car so I had to take the bus either from the school or from my place downtown so that would take about 30 minutes or so, also I didn’t really make an effort to meet many members or play in anything there so I ended up playing a lot of late afternoon solo rounds which really isn’t my cup of tea. All in all though it was awesome and all the shortcomings I felt looking back were pretty easily avoidable.


Not that I want an exact address to the Kill House, but where are you guys in Jax? Neptune, Atlantic, Or Jax Beach? How close to the ocean? I used to live on 2nd street in Neptune, God I miss that life, worked at a course in the day, beach life the afternoon and evening, Neptune beach life is great for people viewing.


you mention here about your club…did you end up joining someplace on a college deal?


I am a senior right now in high school so no new membership yet but am definitely thinking about it. I have verbally committed to the admissions process to play lacrosse and am looking into clubs in the area. It has a plethora of them and lots with unbelievable history. I am planning on seeing how I can manage my workload/lacrosse my first semester and getting involved with the golf club. Then from there I would like to explore some membership opportunities. I reached out to a few clubs about working there but unfortunately the early hours won’t work with my class schedule.