College Golf

I might have a new favorite swing in golf. Up there with AVD and the big easy. Mason Greene UCLA. Has he been discussed here? Wowza, what a move.

Little Hov, little DJ, some major lag, Els-esque tempo. V Pretty.

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Notre Dame won again today. US Am quarterfinalist freshman Palmer Jackson made birdie on the last hole of the tournament to give the title by one shot over USF. Jackson also won the individual portion by two shots over another ND player. Four wins in five events is making me consider becoming a bagman for the program. Unfortunately, I have very little money to offer them under the table at the moment.


Off to Cypress Point to spectate this incredibly fun day of golf. Stanford hosts this match play event. Stay tuned for pics.


Live stream of college golf at the Southern Highlands Collegiate starting in about…well 5ish minutes.

(if for some reason the other link doesn’t work)

Lots of the top 10 ranked teams in the field and a handful of notable names near the top of leaderboard


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Great, great field here. Feels like there’s a bunch of future PGA guys. I’m excited to see what Sahith Theegala can do as a pro - he sat out last year with an injury but he made the cut at the Genesis Open as a 19-year-old in 2017 and has won a bunch of individual events this year. Currently 5th in WAGR.

Something to watch at work tomorrow


This counts as college golf.

Sucks or ND having its best season in years cut short. Program seems to be moving in the right direction.


Game is still live. Basketball team is absolutely toast.

Winning Connect 4 with 3 options is like a King moment…utter humiliation for your opponent

They played so perfect I wonder if they cheated and used a bot

There is either a dearth of content surrounding the college game or I am terrible at finding it. I follow a couple accounts and can find some written stuff, but there so little content of any other kind unless I want to tour the facilities. Kind of a bummer.

This dude might’ve been something. Sucks for my Alma Mater…

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Looping this thread (College Golf is back (in a month)) into here so we don’t have two going at once. I think these are my favorite events in the sport in terms of TV coverage goes. They also always seem to run into megalight scenarios which are always top notch. I’m enjoying it!

College golf on GC is kind of wild tonight. Super relaxed vibe with 5somes of teammates so it looks like a practice round. All talking yardages and wind to each other as well which seemed against normal tourney rules but who knows.

Also s/o to the UK player shitting himself on the final two holes but still winning after a missed shorty by another guy, all while carrying the bag of his former teammate who passed. Lots going on there.


College golf is awesome! But the Blessings just doesn’t do it for me. GC probably got lucky with Wolff winning the NCAA there to keep some eyeballs, but I’ve found it hard to watch.

Was fun watching the end of the Blessings event yesterday. College golf tiebreaker is low score in the final round, no playoffs.

Kid from Kentucky had a big lead, but finished double, triple (played the wrong ball) and thought he blew it. A player from Tennessee had a 4 foot putt to win, but missed it and the UK guy won.

Big plus, Alabama won the team event. Roll Tide. Milkshakes for everybody!

Playing the Blessings has to be a little bit like getting kicked in the nuts repeatedly by the prom queen.

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I got the chance to play it last year and you are right, but occasionally she will tell you she really like you.
It is an amazing course and a really cool membership.

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I have a friend who was a member there and he has told me very good things about it.