Collecting Golf Course Items / Keepsakes


I like ball markers since they don’t take up much space. I’ll usually pick up one at any course I play. Started getting Tervis tumblers a few years ago too but typically only get those if I think the course/tournament logo looks cool. As others have mentioned, space and utility have come into play in the past few years for purchasing decisions.

Also like to have a yardage book when playing a course so I’ll often get those and putting those on display just screams “businessman” so of course I have those out at the office. And since getting more into course architecture thanks to @thefriedegg and the podcasts with Tom Doak, they’re fun to leaf through.


My best friend got drunk one night and stole a ball washer from the course we played at, and it was in the ground(but loose) with a chunk of concrete weighing it down. Ended up in his college dorm room and then got thrown through a window after our team lost a bad game. Good times.


Was going to do flags from the big courses ones that have hosted majors ( bethpage , pinnehurst , ocean course, erin hills , whistling straits , pebble) cuts down on all the flags
All others bag tags
I have seen a few nice bag tag displays
Anyone use a bag tag display?


Been doing the same, have The Masters, Pebble, Whistling, Erin Hills, Sawgrass, Pinehurst, Cog Hill, Harbour Town, US Open (Oakmont), the Memorial, TPC Louisiana, and a few from local courses. I use them at my office and just rotate them.


I am as well. They’re cheaper and last way longer than apparel and don’t have the framing expense of flags. The only thing that’s rough is when you play a really nice course and they don’t sell them.


while not inexpensive, virtually every nice course in the world has a club history. Most feature really well done hole by hole guides and interesting facts that are nice to go back and reread even years after your last visit. Many clubs keep their books under a counter or in a back office, but will sell you one if you ask. A note of warning that for some reason many of the books are sold “cash only” even if the Pro Shop accepts credit cards for everything else


I try to get a divot fixer at almost every course i play but it sometimes turns into a judgement call since some places use the same one just with a different ball marker. If that’s the case i usually just grab a ball marker. Also grab a pencil at every place. That one started on accident and eventually turned into a habit .


There’s always the classic tees, flags, ball marks etc., but I try to get something unique with the logo like a shoe horn from the locker room, bar cups, water bottles. I’m also guilty of snagging a divot from ANGC… Currently growing in my backyard


Who’s divot? additional characters


Also, some clubs have that one a kind item in the shop that is a great reminder of your round/day at the club. For example, Merion has the beer steins so you can remember your post round drinks/stories with the guys


If that really true I am going to fly to Philly and steal some Wicker Baskets.
No, I am not really going to do this… but I have played that course and I know how easy it would be (or just look at the course on GoogleMaps). You could EASILY run straight from the road onto a green and snag a basket and jump back in your car.

Granted, the golf Gods would be against you for the rest of your life… but you could easily do it.


Kind of random but it was Adam Scott’s approach on Hole 3 on Saturday in 2014.


Yep, it’s true. If anyone was going to hypothetically take one it’d have to be during the day because they bring them all in every night in a special cart with a basket rack for that reason.



Logo Balls - sometimes they’re out when I play, but I just started my fifth rack and so far I have courses from approx. 15 states, Canada, and Mexico. It seemed like the path of least resistance. My wife’s ace has a display all on its own.


Over the years I have collected pencils and bag tags. Pencils are displayed in a wall holder, while the bag tags are upon certain wall and cross beams to keep my memories alive.