Collecting Golf Course Items / Keepsakes

Curious to see what everyone collects from different golf courses they visit or play. I started collecting pin flags a couple years ago with the idea I’ll eventually frame all of them and cover a home office or basement. As it turns out, it would’ve been smarter (and far more affordable) to do this with scorecards instead of flags… but I’m in way too deep to turn back now.

My two questions are:

  • What do you collect from golf courses you play (flag, ball, hat, yardage book etc.)?

  • Where do you draw the line on which courses are is worthy of being in your collection?

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play there once: tees, logo ball for collection, score card (I do this for every course I ever play)

go to a tournament: tournament-specific branded hat/apparel, maybe some other nice item from the merch tent

I feel like you should frequently play a course (public) or belong as a member to actually wear its logo straight up

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I also started collecting flags before realizing it just wasn’t feasible with how little wall space I actually have in my office. I will still collect the occasional flag if I think it looks cool but more often I collect scorecards and my wife got me a little binder to keep them organized. I don’t keep every scorecard from every round but if I think it’s a unique experience (course I am unlikely to play again), a famous place I want to brag about playing or a career round at one of my normal tracks I’ll hang onto it. Otherwise, I will log my scores into my little Excel spreadsheet for my own maniacal record keeping and then toss the card. I will also keep pencils, but that’s usually only when I forget to take them out of my bag before I leave the course.

I take a pencil from every course that I play. Have enough for a display currently but waiting to continue collecting more so I can be more selective in the ones I put on the wall.


Bag tags…my goal is to use them to decorate an entire Christmas Tree some day.

I do have flags from the Masters, US Open, PGA, Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, and the Memorial. Hopefully will get to St Andrews in 2021 for The Open. Those will all look good in our office.


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized I just keep accumulating crap, so I have made a conscious effort to limit my souvenirs to ball markers. If I buy a towel, hat, or shirt, I have made a deal with myself that something else gets thrown out to make room for it.


Somewhere, in a storage unit in some corner of America, is a box with filled with flags and needless keepsakes that at the moment were “sweet” but now mean next to nothing.
I think @Gary’s movement towards minimalism is something I could’ve/should’ve adopted many years ago.


Let me be the first to tip the hat for your humility. Something tells me TPC Sawgrass is barely in your top 20 given your background as a high dollar consultant/powerpoint gigolo.

I snag an extra scorecard or two from almost every new track I play. At especially great tracks or places that have sentimental value, I’ll grab a yardage book as well. There’s currently a few yardage books on my coffee table, and a tackboard with a bunch of cards pinned and displayed (currently 20 of my favorites either design or course). Unfortunately, I’m lagging a bit as I have a bunch of cards from Australia I haven’t put up yet.

Gigolo is a good way to describe it. Slave would be another equally truthful term. Those flags were what I had nearby. Re: your dig on Sawgrass… that’s been my struggle in figuring out the criteria for what makes the cut and what falls outside. For example, I played PGA West which is a “famous” course because it’s a tour stop, but I absolutely HATED it. So I didn’t buy anything.

I usually do a hat and a ball (I have a few ball racks in the basement), unless I’m playing somewhere memorable or somewhere I can get scare-wear. Then I usually take out a second mortgage and spend irresponsibly on everything that might come close to fitting. Oakmont, Baltusrol, Ocean Course, Kinloch, Double Eagle and Lahinch have been my “almost divorce worthy” pro-shops.


No set routine. If I like the logo I’ll do a logo ball. I also have bag tags if the course provides one. Always try to get scorecards. I was going to do a logo ball for every one of the Top 100 I play on my quest, but I realized it would be too much and I didn’t care for some of the logos. Now I am more selective. Also have hats and shirts of course.

I’ll usually take a yardage book

While trying to figure out how I’m going to display the flags I came across this guy who put his major championship flags (which are signed) directly into his hardwood floor and covered them in commercial grade glass. I think I read that he is a tour rules official. Regardless, this is SICK.


Whoa. That is UNREAL. A bit off topic, but just thought after seeing the merion flag how could it would have been if at the 2013 US they just sold the wicker baskets instead of flags…


On rare occasions a wicker basket will find its way to the open market. Green Jacket Auctions sold an authentic Merion wicker this December for $5,918


I try to collect a pencil from every course I play, whether it’s a muni or a Top 100 club. For courses that are famous or well-known, I save the scorecard as well and hang it on my wall. So far I’ve got Olympia Fields, Pinehurst No. 2, Tobacco Road, and Valhalla on that list.

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I take the sign from the first tee box. Usually, you need just a phillips head screwdriver. If there is a starter on site, I return after my round wearing maintenance worker clothes I keep in my trunk. You would be amazed how few people question you.


Yardage books are my jam. I’ll splurge for a towel on rare occasion. And of course, the small tee bags at the higher-end courses are keepers.

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I’m working on a tervis tumbler collection. I only started last year, but so far have Bethpage Black, Sea Island, Streamsong Red, and TPC Sawgrass.