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A very very very good friend of mine is an executive at ClubCorp and he knows my disdain for ClubCorp’s lack of giving a sh*t about their golf course properties. He’s openly admitted to me that they are more focused on their amenities and dining clubs vs. their golf course properties which is sad.


Visited Brookfield when my daughter played a high school golf tournament there. Delightful place.


1000% accurate.

When you’re touring Firestone as your signature club, it’s going to be a hard sell…

That isn’t a club corp wide thing…Brookfield provides push carts for free or allows you to bring your own without a charge…but I agree…push carts should be encouraged and it annoys me when some clubs try and charge you to use your own.


Just looked into joining a Club Corp property as well. Was told I could conditionally only play 4 rounds a month as a member until a final review. They would not disclose the timeline in which the final review would happen.

Club Corp is everywhere here in North Texas. I grew up on one and live close enough where it makes sense to join as a junior member, but I continue to pass in favor of playing the areas many good public options.

These are the pros and cons i’ve thought about when debating joining.


  • 36 Holes: Really nice as you can typically make a tee time same day an hour or two in advance.
  • MGA: I like to play psuedo competitively and it would be nice to have standing games/other tournaments to play outside of USGA/TGA events. Costs additional money but so does everything else.
  • Location: about a 5 minute drive away.
  • Initiation Fee: $0 initiation fee right now for anyone at this particular club.
  • Dues: $250/month is incredibly reasonable.
  • Membership: A pretty diverse set of members, young families and old timers alike.


  • Membership size: I think this club has on the order of 1200 members. It can be slow to play sometimes.
  • Quality: I personally don’t think either course is all that special, and more importantly to me, the practice facility leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Carts: $18/round to ride on top of your dues. You can have your own cart but I don’t live close enough for it to make sense and the trail fee is $100/month.
  • Other: My brother, dad, and a few other friends all play local tracks around the Metroplex so I think I’d still end up playing quite a bit away from the club with them.
  • ONE Membership: It has some perks like playing other ONE clubs for a cart fee or a reduced guest fee, which is nice around North Texas, but I don’t think it’s worth the extra cost and you have to eat a lot to make it worth it.

All in all for me it doesn’t make sense. I want a really nice course with a great practice facility and a solid money game, not a resort style pool and Chilis quality food.


Can’t knock that reasoning. What Public courses do you like to play?

I was looking at joining a CC club in my area but ended up doing the math which showed me it wasn’t worth it. The cost wasn’t bad until I found out I had to pay for carts/trail fees too. Pretty much doubled the cost of joining and for that much, I could just play anywhere I want, anytime I want.

The sister courses make it more worthwhile but I couldn’t pull the trigger. Kinda glad I didn’t because my ex boss is a member there and let’s just leave it that I don’t like him, and he doesn’t like me. He can have the shitty Gary Players course.

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