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Looking at a ClubCorp property here in Charlotte. Looking for feedback on the pluses and minuses of ClubCorp ONE membership. I’ve been a member of another local club in the past and loved it. Made me a better golfer playing in the events and groups with the MGA. I may rejoin there but the ClubCorp club is closer to my house. Wondering about the ONE benefits.

lots of information here:

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Paging @cltgamecock. As the most recent Clubcorp gui care to provide your thoughts? I can’t remember which thread you initially posted them in.

Former clubcorp gui myself but it’s been a few years. Personally, I would not go back, as once clubcorp took over the vibe became less about serving the members and more about maximal money extraction from said members.

Which course you looking at? I was at Firethorne and @cltgamecock was at Piper

I’ve read a lot of both of those threads. Looking for more specific Club Corp info.


Looking at Firethorne since I live in Indian Land. And it’s a little less $$ than Piper Glen. Have played both in years past. Was a member at Raintree for a couple years.

lot of clubcorp threads over on forums. give a search if you haven’t yet.


Did you try posting about Club Corp in those threads?

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@Hitchings21 is correct. I actually left Piper Glen back at the end of October for a few reasons, one of the primary reasons being the crowds caused by ClubCorp constantly driving new members through the door. When I joined in 2017, I believe there were about 700 golf members but it didn’t feel that crowded. When I left, I believe there were upwards of 850 or so and you could certainly feel it.

Everyone’s experience is different and different things are important for different people but I’ll list out what I liked and didn’t like below.

What I liked:

  • Course was usually in good shape, especially the greens.
  • No assessments thanks to ClubCorp ownership (recently pumped a few million into the club doing a course renovation).
  • Really nice practice facility.
  • Membership skewing younger and overall pretty good membership.
  • The men’s golf association is a good group of guys and tournaments are fun.
  • Member-Member and Member-Guest were awesome. Expensive but awesome.
  • Really good food and pool scene if joining as a family.

What I didn’t like:

  • Morning tee times were very difficult to come by. Felt like the system was gamed but I’m not sure. To give an example, I would log on 2-5 mins after Saturday tee times became available and the earliest available would be 2:30pm or later.
  • Pace of play was awful. Anything later than ~10 am would result in 4:30-5:00+ rounds. For me, the main reason to join a club is for pace of play.
  • Not an easy walk and very few members who walk. Push carts also not allowed.
  • OB/Hazards galore. Cost of lost balls can add up.
  • VERY crowded thanks to ClubCorp ownership only caring about revenue.

Like I said, everyone’s experience is different and people care about different things so your mileage may vary.

I ultimately ended up at Providence, which seems to be a solid blend of corporate ownership (McConnell) but a club that is still driven by the members. Bigger investment than Piper or Firethorne but even more so due to nonrefundable initiation fee at Piper.

I hope this is helpful.


This is exactly the feedback I was looking for (as opposed to people telling me to bury a comment inside of a 2000 post thread).

I’ve played Providence recently and love the upgrade Spence put in there (it was Kris Spence right?). McConnell does things right - just like it seems ClubCorp does - but maybe without the turnstile of golfers driving through there.

That’s part of why I liked Raintree so much. Having two courses meant I could almost always play when I wanted. And the Events were really fun.

Providence is a little higher on the front end money wise but it’s also closer to my house and I know a few people there. Thanks for the detailed response.


Happy to help! The course at Piper is way better than average but the lack of walkability stinks (for me) so they do some things right. The ONE benefits can also be good but the courses you get access to aren’t anything special and are in typical business hubs, which is great if you travel there but my business travel is day trips or a quick overnight so I never really leveraged the benefits.

Happy to host you out at Providence if that’s of interest so you can get a vibe for the place and for some of the membership.


I will add that I played with a good friend last week that is a Firethorne member and he said there are large portions of some of the greens that are completely dead right now. I can confirm as a former member that this happens almost every summer, as they still have bent greens (I believe the originals) which are 25+ years old.

Great group of guys out there though, loved the membership.

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this is common at clubs that do online tee times have a very active membership. my club doesn’t have this system but I am very familiar with a club that does. Friday tee times open up on Tuesdays at 7:00am…i’ve actually observed the the entire days teesheet fill in within 15-20 seconds.


I’m a Club Corp Member here in Roswell, GA. Brookfield Country Club, it was actually just sold off to an investment firm, but leased back to Club Corp to run. I agree with a lot of this. Most of the pros are spot on for me. I do experience some of the cons, but not as pronounced it sounds like. A lot of OB on our course due to it backing up to yards…which does suck, but we retain a pretty good pace of play and don’t have much trouble getting tee times unless we go a few days after they open…so that’s probably more a club by club problem.

One big con for the ONE membership lately is clubs in the Atlanta area are staying primary member only during Covid…so all the of the reciprocal golf privileges that looked so attractive when I signed up haven’t existed for me. I have yet to play another club corp property(I joined last August)…which is nuts given the amount around here.

For me though proximity to my home was the primary driver for my membership. I have young kids and I need the time away to be as easy to schedule as possible…So fo that…I picked the only course that was inside of 20 minute commute from my house. I haven’t regretted the convenience of only being 3 miles away at all since I joined…it’s the best part.


I’ve been a ClubCorp member three times—and enjoyed it each time. In Aiken I was a Sig Gold One Member at Woodside. I really used the cart fee only features when traveling to HHI, Atlanta (CC of the South, Bears Best) . I then moved to Columbia and moved my membership to Capital City but dropped golf. After a lively issue with a member of the staff there I left for a while. I then re-joined Aiken/Woodside as a non-local member. Totally worth every penny.

We did not get many ClubCorp “guests” in Aiken until Masters Week when I was there.

There is a great list of affiliate clubs for golf and dining. City Club in Charlotte is a fun spot for dinner/drinks. Also liked the Commerce Club in Atlanta and The Buckhead club.


That is concerning re green conditions. Haven’t played FT in years and wouldn’t join without playing. Played some bent greens a few days ago down at Edgewater and they rolled very well. The years I was at Raintree the greens were always superb and they’re bent too I think.

No push cart/motorized push cart would be an immediate dealbreaker for me.


By favorite club Corp course in ATL that isn’t way north. It has a much more classic feel than most ATL club Corp courses

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Now that you mention this, my former club here on Ohio was clubcorp and had a strict no pushcart policy. I got used to carrying but I never will understand the resistance to carts.

My most recent club is not clubcorp (it’s Arcis though) and was pretty resistant to pushcarts unless it was path restricted that day. Since covid they lightened up a lot which was nice.

Maybe the push cart is a club Corp thing to increase cart leases and revenue?

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Yes, plus it’s a rule at older, stuffier courses: carry, cart, or caddie.

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