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I’ve been debating upgrading my irons for some time now (been rocking some Hogan Apex Plus’s for about 20 years now) and just wanted to get people’s thoughts on the options.

I don’t think I play enough to justify the ~$1,500 investment in a new top of the line set, so I’m focusing on finding some 2016 or 2017 models. Do golf retailers still sell older models new, or would i have to get a used set? I’m a bit on the taller side, so I’d like to get them fitted properly, is there a real advantage of getting fitted first and custom ordering a set (if still possible with older models), or can I just get a used set and then have them lengthened/altered to fit me? I’ve heard just getting clubs altered after the fact can impact the integrity, but not sure I buy that.

Thanks in advance.

Okay, you have an off-the-rack set of irons for 20 years and you cannot justify $1,500?? That’s $75/year. Your cell phone costs that a month.

Listen, I understand that it seems like a lot of money because it is. However, save up for a few months and go get fitted. Don’t worry about prices/brands. Find something that looks good to your eye and that produces great numbers on TrackMan. Because if you try to stay in a budget and pay $600 for a set that you are just okay with, then you might as well play what you have.

  1. Pay $100 for an iron fitting
  2. Buy irons 1-3 years old off GolfWRX classifieds for $500
  3. Swap shafts and get the lie angle adjusted for ~$300

About half price.


I’m a big fan of club champion if there’s one in your area. Trying every head and shaft all at one stop is tough to beat. Ponying up for the $300 full bag fitting is worth it. You can buy the clubs piecemeal from them or scour eBay and WRX classifieds.


Free fitting for you right here. Please provide::
Carry w/ 8 iron
Carry w/ driver and general shape of drives


cough Mr.WRX cough


I’m just saying…there could be three sets of irons produced that would fit 97% of golfers.

(And I laughed so hard at mr wrx water came out of my nose.)


What would those irons be?Not being a smartass i just love clubs and am wondering what ur thoughts are

I was in the business for almost a decade. We “fit” several members and it was astonishing how many people would spend an hour and walk away with a stock set of callaway irons. Regular length, loft and lie.
The three sets: 1.) A game improvement with a lof of offset, forgiveness and weight near the sole. 2.) Mid-range club with a sleeker topline, less offset but still considerable forgiveness. 3.) A faux blade with the least ofset, slim topline looks and a little forgiveness. Ping black dot specs and you’ve got the vast majority of the free world covered right there.
You need 2 women’s sets: One for the ballers and the other for wives that get forced into the game.


I went to club champion and felt like they were too aggressively trying to get me into +$1k plus irons even though I said I didn’t want that. Started fitting me in the APs, Steelheads, etc. Oddly enough I ended up hitting the Cobra F8s the best which I never would have expected going in. Got the build sheet and found that on the Cobra site I could build them with the exact specs, shaft, grips directly and save about $400.

Club champion is the place for a low handicapper very steep in the process of flex, detailed lofts, etc. I’d go to PGA superstore and you’d likely have a similar opportunity to hit pretty much every club in your price range and not get aggressively upsold.

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3 or 4 years ago I went to Cool Clubs to get fitted. I highly recommend getting fitted. Like @scuff suggests, go into the fitting not caring about brands. I went in wanting Titleist irons - and i couldn’t give you a solid reason why. But after going through that legit fitting, i sat back and realized - why would i buy Titleist if TaylorMade irons were the best fit for me? The fitting was great, got the full bag fitting - minus the putter. To me, I was amazed at just what getting the correct shaft in the club did for me. I went from have a major slice, to hitting so many more fairways and hitting my target - i’m sure some of it was my swing improved but i’m positive most of it was have the correct weapons in my hand.

Fittings aren’t cheap but Cool Clubs gave me a few options for setups. Good, Better, Best…which was pretty much meant, cheapest option, more expensive, most expensive.

I don’t think I can ever go buy a driver, fairway wood, irons, etc without getting fitted because most likely, it’s not going to be the right club for me.

Getting fitted for my first time on Saturday…Been swinging hand-me-down Callaway x18’s for the last 5 years from my buddy who is 6 inches tall than me - Can’t wait!

I’m going to Pete’s Golf on Long Island, and have heard phenomenal reviews.

If you get the right clubs, you might have to change your name to ParPubescent.


Hahaha touche

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Use the code BRYSON2018CPG at and get 45% off your order… iron sets, drivers, clothes etc

Thank me later.


holy shit, i thought this was a joke. it is not. thank you.


No problem. I just got fitted for and bought brand new F8 iron set myself - saved like $500!

I got fitted at Second Swing ($150) and purchased my iron set directly through Cobra to use the discount code. Shipped within a week.

My friends agency represents Bryson - they did a similar promotion last year. The code should work for the rest of 2018.

I texted my friend the code. No response for several minutes. I then receive the text: “Shit! It works. This is bad.” LOL.


UPDATE: This code no longer works FYI.

I’m schedule for a full bag fitting at Totally Driven. $400 - 4 hours. Mostly, I’m buying to get a driver/3wood/hybrid and putter fitting, since I just bough brand new PXGs last year. I got fit for those, but frankly, want data on EACH iron, to know my ranges for yardages across the sheet. If I end up with a better putting setup, and a better driver/3wood/hybrid, will be totally worth it.

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