Club Fitters


Bumping this to give Club Champion another shout out. I took my irons and wedges in to get the loft and lie angles checked this past Saturday. This is a free service they offer to anyone who purchases through them. After a full season of practicing on rock hard mats I had unwittingly turned myself into Norman Xiong bending my 4 & 5 irons to 3 iron plus lofts… I’m already noticing improved ball flight after this adjustment.


For those that have gone through Club Champion, will they limit a fitting to only manufacturer-available combinations or otherwise stick within a price point? Sounds like they may have the best fitting experience out there, but I just don’t get to play enough to justify doubling up the price of a set of irons to get aftermarket shafts.


In my experience, my fitter did mostly what I asked. I asked him to keep any driver shaft upgrade under $200, and I think he ended up with one around $220. Yeah I know that’s not under, but he didn’t mess around with the $400 options.

Sticking with manufacturer-available options is tricky because they all have different makeups available. The list of custom options from shafts and grips available to loft/lie/length adjustments varies by manufacturer. While ordering though, my fitter definitely verified what custom options were available and ordered in a way to help keep my additional cost down.

I think one downfall to a place like Club Champion is that they don’t have special agreements to order disassembled clubs for a cheaper price so they can build them up to your specifications. You pay full retail then pay them to take them apart and rebuild them - if you opt to go the extra mile.

One thing I wish I could go back to is my iron fitting. He seemed to be trying to sell me on the distance I was hitting an iron rather than listening to my concerns on feel and dispersion. But that’s a fitter complaint, not a fitting facility complaint (I hope).


they fit me on what best performed no matter the maker. Now I did hit the super high end stuff (concept iron from Titleist) and told them I couldn’t afford them so we went with the best possible option (Callaway X Forged)