Club Championship stories

Anyone have any good club championship stories? Yes, humble brag, but I was down 8 shots on the 10th hole in my club championship about 10 years ago and ended up making 6 birdies on the back 9 to win by 2. I would love to hear about any good club championship stories recently or in the past. Winning a club championship is an awesome feeling at any club.


How about the opposite of a winning story?

Like the time I cold shanked a drive 90 degrees into the long grass. Something I’d never done before. Re-teed. Swung driver. Hit the exact same shot. Must have been 3 inches from the first.

Shell shocked, I stuck down a third ball and used a hybrid. Ended up with a 9. So I’m 5 over after one hole, and a hole I usually par or birdie. Bogey at worst.

It didn’t get much better.


Oh man, that sounds rough…Stories like this are certainly acceptable in this feed :slight_smile:


Have something similar. Playing in the CC down at my course at the beach. Some good players but my game is in good shape so I feel good about my chances. -1 thru 4 standing with hybrid into the par 5 5th. Pull it left next to the greenside bunker, pretty easy up and down to get to -2. Chunk the first chip into the bunker, then proceed to blade 3 in a row OB over the green before finally getting it out and 2 putting for a solid 12 to go to +6 thru 5. All three balls finished within a 2 foot circle out of bounds over the green.

One of the guys I was playing with was current Officer at the Marine Air Station nearby and broke the tension with a “That was impressive accuracy but what the fuck was that?” while we were walking off the green.


local muni, where our HS team played out of, in town I grew up in, played there whole life basically

4 under thru 14 first round, mash drive with 150 into easy par 5 thinking about 65-66, double and double next hole to shoot 72 first round. completely lose swing next round, shoot 84 to miss cut.

come back a few years later(ironically I had left town for work and came back for the weekend to play in it) and win it in sudden death playoff against my buddy(grew up playing together, same HS team,etc) after being neck and neck all day . almost drive green in playoff, chip up to a foot and make birdie

being a local kid growing up there and going from being a 13 yr old 90s shooter looking up to the older more skilled guys to being ok, I always looked at it like my version of the masters(which I realize sounds dumb).

also got to captain our ryder cup thing with a neighboring course the next year, which is always a ton of fun


Not at all, man. My friends and I laugh about our “Major Series” all the time. Nice win.


Played the first 5 holes last year in 8 over. wound up losing the two day event by about that much.

I totally self immolate every year in the club championship.


Sophomore year of HS I played in the club championship at our home course. In a twosome the first day, Par, Triple, Triple start. Birdie the next two, follow that with a double, a par, bogey, and birdie to shoot 42 on front side. Went unconscious on the back with the putter and came into 18 -4 on the side. On the tee I realized what I was at and bogeyed the easy par 5 finishing hole for 75 (+3) with 7 birdies - I’d never made remotely that many in my life.

Start the second day 5 back. Another triple on the second hole, and some more roller-coaster golf later I’m -2 on the day on 18. Bogey it (by making a 10 footer lol) again, but shoot my first ever under par 18 holes 71 (-1). The few guys ahead of me didn’t play very well, and that’s how I won my first tournament ever (humblebrag over).


I shot 32 on the front and was 2 or 3 up in the club championship semi-final only to fire a 43 on the back and lose on 17. So basically I pulled a icarito



Me: Alright so I belonged to a club once in 2018 and played in the club championship, here are some highlights that deteriorate into a hole by hole breakdown:

  • Had major rain / thunderstorms during qualifying. During the first round we had a 3 hour rain delay during which I and a few competitors got absolutely wasted. I think I was 2 over after 11 and when I went back out there with rain gloves on, couldn’t remember how to swing. Doubled the first hole but scraped together an 80 I think. Was awesome because we were too drunk to care about short putts and were absolutely hammering them in the back of the cup.
  • During one of the qualifying rain delays, an older grumpy member sounds off for hours about how junior/intermediate members should not be allowed in the club championship (basically those under 30). No one agreed with him, it would eliminate 1/3 of the field and turn it into an absolute pillow fight, but he wouldn’t let up. Was pissing me off so much, I drew him in the first round of match play, and absolutely stomped him 7&5.
  • In the quarters I drew a former club champ, def past his prime, but nails with short game / on the game. I was playing great golf but struggled massively with the yips that summer (fortunately no longer the case). I go down 3 through 5, get to even at the turn. Rest of the match was as entertaining AF:

14 - I’m 1 up, we both hit the green in reg, I’m closer. Comfy two putt for him, I lag to two feet, miss. I’m gutted
15 - Short par 3, he hits to 45 feet, I to 30, he makes the putt, 1 down, fuck.
16 - Par 5, in the rough behind a tree after my drive but go for the green in 2, doesn’t work, hit it in a hazard, down 2 with 2 to go.
17 - Another Par 5, Pissed AF, smash a driver right down the middle. 220 out, up a steep hill, go all out on a 2 hybrid, hit it to 8 feet, win the hole.
18 - Short par 4, hit to 8 feet for birdie, he’s in for par, I make it, can’t believe it, playoff.
18 again - He hits approach into a deeeeep AF bunker in front of the green, jail, I hit mine to 3 feet, I’m absolutely set. He hits it to 10 feet, drains it, I hit a terrible putt, ouch, off to 1.

3 holes later, I hit it in a trap, don’t get out on the first try, lose on the 22nd hole. Damn I miss club tournaments / match play.


Not my story but a mate’s: he was leading going into the final round and had a big night the night before. Gets to the course and he’s feeling very dusty. Crouches down behind a putt on the practice green, loses his balance and falls into his back in front of everyone. Goes out and wins.


I was witness to one of the most extreme ejections I have ever seen at my first club championship last year.

For reference, the course is 6700yd, par 72 (71.9/134) and come championship weekend the super has it absolutely dialed, playing incredibly firm and fast. Low gross score of the day across all flights was a 72.

The first three holes are a hard opening stretch that demand everything from you. It starts with a 522 yard dogleg left par 5 that looks easier than it plays. This is followed by a tight driving 408 yard par 4 with the most difficult approach on the course to a green that’s surrounded by bunkers that will quickly lead to you a very high score (I would know). Finally, you face a 195 yard par 3 that usually plays with some sort of cross wind that makes club selection very difficult.

I had played with one of the other golfers in my group a few times earlier that year. It was both our first year as members and we joked about how all we could think about on the drive to the course was how we were going to survive this opening stretch. Anything under +4 would have been an amazing start to the day. The final member of our threesome was a long time member, lets call him Mic, who plays to about an 8 and was joyfully unaware of the pain that was going to come to him this round.

Mic starts his round absolutely on fire, he plays the first three holes in +1 after a downhill birdie putt on 2 lipped out and went past the hole 10 feet leading to a three putt bogey. Despite that it was a storybook start for him. He gets through the next three holes with just one bogey which brings us to the second par 5 on the front.

The 7th is a fairly straightforward 509 yard hole with OB all along the right and water left off the tee, if you can put the drive in the fairway its a great birdie opportunity. Mic hits a great drive right down the middle and then begins to make his critical mistake. He decides against ripping a three wood to the green and instead lays up to about 120 out. At this point the pre-flight checks are complete and Houston has cleared Mic for launch.

He proceeds to cold shank his approach OB into the farmers field, absolutely stunned by what happened he drops another ball without taking a second to collect himself for his now 5th shot into the green. The next shot is absolute carbon copy of the first, the two balls couldn’t have ended up more than a foot apart. At this point it felt like I was watching a car crash in slow motion.

Mic drops another, this time taking a few more practice swings to collect himself, it doesn’t help. A third straight shank OB into the farmers field. I have no clue what was going through his head at this point, but following the TC way he drops another and tries to solider on. He has gone from +2 and on pace for a what could have been the round of his life, to now hoping for at best taking a 10 on the hole. The fourth approach is yet another shank, this one manages to bounce off the cart path, hit a post bordering the farmer’s field and comes to rest about 6 inches in bounds.

I thought he was going to take unplayable as there was almost no way he could get clean contact given the how close his ball was to the post and having to hit it over a bunker to get it on the green. Mic proceeds to hit what I would argue was the best shot of the tournament, he flights it over the bunker and manages to stop on the green leaving him about 30 feet for an 11. Obviously still rattled, he hits his first putt about 15 feet past the hole and proceeds to four putt for an absolutely soul crushing 15. From +2 to +12 in short order, You could say things escalated quickly.

Somehow, Mic found a way to right the ship from there and ended up shooting an 86! Honestly might be one of the most amazing rounds of golf I will ever be witness to. (PS. Sorry this post is so long, it seemed shorter in my head)


First Club Championship I ever played in, 20 years old, made Par on 1 & 2 then proceeded to make my first Ace on #3. Went on to shoot a cool 84 …
(Won $100 from Mens league for the Ace though)


Last year, guy I’m playing with is even on the 6th. High handicapper so he’s full of it. Bunker. Up against the face. It took him 12 shots to get out! Eventually going backwards.

To be honest we weren’t even sure it was 12. We were laughing so much we lost count and he wasn’t swinging any more. He was furiously hacking at it like an lumberjack at a tree.

Funny old game.


2nd day, I was in the final (leaders) group. 10 minutes before teeing off I was told by a committee member that my socks weren’t compliant and they needed to be changed before we tee’d off (they were white ankle socks which were deemed not be long enough).

With the maturity of a 5 year old child I packed up my clubs, dropped the mike and drove home. Resigned my membership and joined a new club.

It was six years ago and I still don’t know why I chose not to just change my socks. On the plus side, the club I joined, whilst a lesser course, is far more enjoyable.


I think requiring a certain length sock is childish I think what you did is appropriate.


Club Championship, 2017. Small course in the middle of Vermont, 6,000 yards on a good day. I was 4 behind, in second place, heading into the final round (stroke play). Spent the first 12 holes anywhere from 3-5 strokes behind, just couldn’t get closer. Birdied 13, a tough par 4, to get within 2. He 3-putts 16, I’m within one. Then, 17 is a tough, dogleg-left hole…I hit a cut. Not a comfortable hole for me. I flail my second shot short and way right into some deep rough…and then HOLE a pitch shot from about 30 yards. We’re tied up heading to 18. Holy shit!!

18 is a long-ish par 4 with a severely elevated green. I hit a good drive, but my iron shot comes up short and finishes about 2/3 way up the hill. The guy I’m tied with hooked his drive into some trees and then had to punch out below the hill leading up to the green. I’m at an advantage now. He hits wedge up the hill, leaves himself 20 feet straight downhill for par. I had an uphill, sidehill chip to the pin cut right on the front of the green. I’d just holed a pitch shot on the previous hole. I’m thinking, “hit this close, get up and down and you likely win this thing.”

So, what happens next, folks? I cold-shanked my chip right into some woods.

Game over, I made 7 after a drop. The other guy proceeded to hole his downhill snake to win by 3. Absolutely gutting, but it’s been a great source of jokes at the club ever since.

In 2018, I got second again…but to one of my best friends. It happens, he shot 68 in the first round and ran away from the field a bit.

In 2019, I won by 12 fucking shots. Final round of 70 in some tough conditions which was, I think, 8 shots better than anyone else’s final round. That, my friends, felt good.



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I noticed that most of the stories are in stroke play. Is that how club championships are played in the states?

Here in Argentina aaaaaaall the club championships are match play. In most of the clubs here you have a anual ranking (my club is a 10 tournaments where the best 4 scores out of those 10 are used to set the ranking), and then, match play, quarter finals, semis and final match (played 36 holes in the same day).

My short championship story is playing the fourball championship final match against the top team, us being the big big underdog, scoring something like 6/7 under on the back 9 and me sinking a putt from 40-45fts, downhill 6ft breaker to win 3&1. Best match ever.

A lot of places have both a stroke play championship and match play championship. Usually the “club championship” is stroke play since it takes places on a single weekend. The match play might take place over a few months while the bracket gets winnowed down to two guise.