Classic equipment: If anyone else has a barrel of persimmons, please stand up

This might also be a nice fit.

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Righties get to have all the fun.

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Looking to fill out my 1970’s era bag with some wedges, does anyone have any recommendations?

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These are for sale locally, might go snag them later today. Are these worth 125? I’ve seen some go for lower, but they’re in pretty good shape. I know Tiger used these as an amateur.

Posting this here too in case of interest.

Start getting your bags and fits together. I want someone from in here to go low.

The local FB marketplace has an unused set of 1971 Wilson Staff irons.

When they say unused - they mean it! These things look like they just rolled off the line.

Alas: $850 is just a few Benjamin’s more than I’m going to pay. Pretty sick though.


I’m in and eBay mood. But I just find RH treasure that makes me sad.


I’m always a big fan of you sharing your RH treasures though.

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At what point/year is a Callaway Hawkeye VFT driver vintage or classic?

Thanks to @lordmang this bag as the perfect aesthetic for this set.


You just need to get those metal woods out of there and get some real woods.


I had some “real woods” it was fun. Will likely be back. Nothing stays around too long but gonna give these their time in the sun.

Can you find me the best lefty option from in or around 1988? Would be interested.

Get some Cleveland Classic woods.

What can you tell me about these?

The driver looks pretty rough.

Those are nice woods, but tough to tell about the flex of the shafts.

Need input. Go or no go on the Tony penna?

About as cheap as it gets. Does the condition seem playable on the driver? @RobertHunter

I think they look okay. It looks like the finish on the front of the driver is peeling a lot but @JohnnyPanton or @Craigstands would have a better idea about if that’s redeemable or not. You’d probably have to replace the grips on all of them. $30 ain’t bad for the two of those clubs, though, if you can get them playing for the added price of some grips.

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Oh baby…just bought Mp-33 heads 4-pw…
Think it’s time for the BB&F + Project X LZ build…