Chunk, Chunk, Chunk - What now? Carpet drills and swing thoughts

Let me start by staying I have distance, if I make contact with the ball.

Alas I have a case of the chunks, which is limiting my distance and killing my confidence.

I have signed up for lessons and I am willing to work on it at the range, but neither are open in Mass right now.

So, I am looking for some carpet drills or swings thoughts that can get me through the next few weeks without snapping my 5 iron over my knee.

Help please.

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I think this may be what you’re looking for:


That’s what I built the 30-day thing for, yeah. has everything else, too.


Not sure about your set up, but I’ve recently tried to commit to taking my practice swinging / chipping outdoors. I feel like I get tense / nervous chipping balls off my carpet into the couch (fear of breaking something, doing something that makes the SO mad), and that tension translates into my playing. Foam balls could fix that, but I don’t have any.

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Is there any day that would be most helpful? I went through the first few days when they were originally posted, but not past that.

I have birdie balls for chipping in the backyard. I think they have help my chipping consistency, but I still can’t hit them on full swing because they would go three yards over.

Well… tough to say. Lotta reasons people chunk it. Do the drills, see which feel the most foreign to you. Those are probably your “better” ones to work on because they’re probably most unlike what you do in your golf swing now.

What about swing thoughts? I’ve heard that “imagine that there are two tees in front of the ball and hit them”. Do you anything like that you recommend?

A little up date, after having a buddy video tape me for a few holes, I realized I am probably standing to close to the ball and coming in too vertical. I am going to work on stance to correct this.

This garbage swing is also on Roast my Swing, for those interested in laying into me.


Another update: I don’t chunk it nearly as much now, the big change was dropping my right foot back and focusing on my head being still.

Case closed… for now