Chipping practice, back pain. Am I doing something wrong?

Two weeks ago, I was out practicing my chipping. Within a few hours, my back tightened up and I was in pain for several days. I didn’t think it was related to my practice but when I was out the other day, I started to feel the same tightness. The first time, I hit about 50 shots, the second time about 20. Am I doing something wrong with my swing? I know it’s not the same as my normal swing but could this be causing my tightness? I’ve played several full rounds this year and haven’t had any ill effects from any rounds. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I’ve been consistently good with my chipping lately.

Dude, happened to me like 10 years ago. Totally unrelated to chipping. It was stress from gambling. Do you have a good acupuncturist near by?


Possibly a little too tense? Since it is straight practice, you aren’t giving yourself a chance to relax as much between shots like during a round

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I’ve always had back and neck issues (not even 30 and already have bone spurs in my neck), but dealt with a particularly bad case of neck muscle spasms this time last year that flared up because I was road biking a lot… riding long distances locked into one position did a number on my neck. I would have to imagine it’s something similar if you’re hitting one ball after another while leaned/bent over without resting or changing positions in between shots.

I like to switch it up on every shot during my chipping practice. Aim to different targets, different trajectories, and take my time between each one to think about what I’m trying to do. Hope you get to feeling better!

any one thing for too long can bite you
“Cross train”
less repetitive everything
chip a little putt a little long irons ect.
avoid build up of stressors at any one site

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Practicing chipping for a few hours!? good for you man, wish I could do that

It is not always the case, but back pain in general can be an indicator of tight glutes/quads/hamstrings and immobility in the T spine. There are great resources everywhere online to help you understand what a proper warm-up looks like for limbering up these areas specifically. My biggest suggestion is

The article talks mostly about speed and distance gains, but the good news is everything it encourages pertains to loosening and warming up the problem areas I mentioned above.

I think it is directly related to being in that posture for extended periods of time. The last two times I got sidelined with back spasms were right after I took an hour lesson and after a 2 hour range/chipping/putting marathon.

Short term fixes I use:
-TENS unit (muscle stim. ~$30 on Amazon)
-Heating pad
-Yoga stretches specific to the lower back
-Stay off the course for 72 hours

Upload a video here or on the Help My Swing thread.

Also, stretch your hip flexors. Got myself in a lot of trouble earlier this year because I had too much anterior pelvic tilt (look it up).

No kidding I feel good if I spend 30 minutes chipping haha

I did not have a pain free day from my freshman year in college until I was about 42. Chronic back pain, sometimes crippling. Cortisone shots, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractors. . . none of it provided any relief. Could never practice putting for more than 5 minutes or so. I stopped playing golf the last 8 years.

Then, I started regularly backsquatting and deadlifting (as well as other basic barbell exercises). Within a year, I could play 36 pain free. I can now practice and play as much as I can stand. Played 36 3 days in a row in crappy, cold weather this spring, then drove 5 hours home. I was fine.

I’m just a sample size of 1, but I’m convinced it’s changed my life.


Deadlifts are (I’ve been told) a very solid indicator of overall health. If you can do them, you’re doing something right. Legs and glutes are just so dang important for good golf.

Do people on this thread have any recommendations/a link for a realistic stretching routine I can work off of to address lower/mid back pain? I’ve been having some lingering mild back pain over the past few weeks but nothing that got in the way of a golf swing – until today. After hitting a few wedges and short irons on the range, my back totally gave out on me in the middle of a downswing. It hurt horribly. Never happened to me before. It’s clearly related to/in the same area as the mild pain/tension I had been feeling. But it was one of those typical, ah, you’re getting old and need to actually stretch before physically exerting yourself, idiot, moments. So greatly appreciate any advice.

I found some videos with Jen Hilman on Yoga stretches for low back pain to be helpful. There’s a few of them that I have “Liked” to go back to from time to time.

Anyone ever use Tumeric for muscle pain or inflammation? I went full throttle for lunch at an Indian buffet a little while ago and noticed I was pain free that evening (which never happens - neck, shoulders, elbow - arthritis and tendonitis). I wondered if it was the Tumeric in the curry powder so I Started taking Tumeric supplements in the morning and it appears to be helping.

Make that a sample size of 2. I was able to manage back pain, but starting to do squats, with my only focus being perfect form, made an almost immediate improvement.

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