Chili Dips, Wedges, and Scar Tissue

Hey Refugees.

Looking for advice or input on where I currently sit with my game. I’ve trended well this summer, dropping 5 strokes off my index - 13 to an 8. But I still struggle from essentially 80yds and in with chili dipping and skull f*&king the ball.

The last 2 years, I was a member of the local TPC course. Conditions were always fantastic but I struggled mightily on tight lies (especially when wet which happens quite frequently here in the Midwest) within 80-ish yards of the green. Massive mental scar tissue has been built up.

This year has gone much better at my new club. The course isn’t maintained as meticulously as the TPC track, but plenty of tight lies and wet conditions are present. I made great progress in July. I played 3 or 4 times a week and would practice around the greens with pitches and chips. Felt confident with various types of shots.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and the chili dips are back - most notably with my 58* (I go PW, 50*, 54*, & 58*). Example - on my favorite driving hole at my home club, I was sitting 87yds out from a mid pin, just begging me to go for it. Ball is in the first cut, with a great lie. Very little grass will be between the face and the ball. Go through my process, make my move, and skull f$%k the shit out of the ball into the shit over and behind the green. Make a 7. Scars have been ripped open.

Last week, I found a thread here where a Refugee was experiencing similar pains and a poster suggested the Phil short game “hinge and hold” video. I watched it, went out and practiced (on actual golf holes, not the range) using the method for a couple hours before my match. It felt good and I was confidently hitting pitches and chips again. Get into my match, I’m faced with the first chip off a tight lie and I pull it off nicely. The next couple opportunities to overcome, aaaaannnd back to chili dipping and skull f$%king.

I just can’t win so today I emailed my pro and will be spending some time next week trying to sort it out.

I’m certain a few of you here share in my misfortunes so what changes have you made or implemented that have helped you turn the tides in the short game? Lessons? Discover it and sort it out on your own? Change your equipment?

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I was doing this a couple years ago. I fixed it by 1)making sure my takeaway was more inside, closer to my body
2)making sure my hands turn over on the follow through - had to exaggerate this to get the feel back

I struggled with the same thing this summer but luckily not for an extended amount of the season. The thing that helped me was practice, practice, practice. Tight lies are squeamish but I got through it with practice. The repetition builds your confidence and then standing over the ball you have to be 100% committed otherwise a mishit will occur. Try to not think about anything else besides commitment to the shot you picture, no second guessing.

When I was going good, confidence was high. Then that first chili dip brings back all the doubt.

Same but each shot is a new opportunity. You are not defined by the last shot or hole. You have a new chance each time to execute. Take multiple practice swings, find the bottom of you swing and place the ball in your stance accordingly


Hope I helped. I wish I could translate the head space of a 1 hdcp to guys like you because I was in the same spot once. I’m not sure how I got to where I’m at besides just playing more and more

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I really think the key for me is to simply play more. I typically will play twice a week, Tuesday and Sunday. Through July I was stepping out of the office and playing 9 holes on lunch once or twice a week as well. I really didn’t do much different in terms of approach to the game or change my technique - just more reps.

It’s like Gankas says in his new course - if you’re gonna play golf once a week, just go play and have fun. If you want to get better, you gotta play more.


“Trust” and “Faith”, that’s what turned your practice into growth

Definitely fight these demons as well. Things that I’ve found that help are:

-focusing on a small target/specific point where I want the ball to land.

-keeping my eyes on a spot in front of the ball during the swing. When I watch the club takeaway, particularly on shorter chips, I tend to get off with the low point in my swing due to my focus wandering. If I keep my eyes on a spot in front of the ball it promotes good ball first contact.

That said I’m still a pretty shit golfer so ymmv.

This thread triggers my short game PTSD.



i have nothing to contribute, but in for the comments

Me too, BigJake. I’m fighting the demons so I figure I get it out in the open where all can see. Fight these f’ers head on.

I had something similar recently around the greens. Used to be quite a good chipper for my cap and naturally just went for a 58 for most chips.

Everything I read/watched was always about “putt chipping” with 6-7-8i etc. Get the ball rolling quickly, more margin for error etc etc.

Granted I never really practiced it off the course but kept trying in rounds. Generally hit it waayyyy past or ended up way short. Handicap was going up 0.1 every round.

Tonight decided fuck this I like to hit it high and went back to the 58. Nearly holded every one I tried and had tap ins all over the place. Shot the best round I have in weeks.

I guess for me it’s just get a shot you feel most comfortable with and rely on it. Don’t try hit shots you’re not confident with.

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I am in the same boat. Have been for about two seasons but I have been averaging less than one round per week. I can pick up a driver cold and find the fairway, I need TONS of reps with the wedges to even get them on the map. I can’t tell you how many times I’m 80-125 out on a shorter par four in the middle of the fairway and make a six. It just can’t happen. It’s a really tough way to play. I’m thinking of grabbing a short game lesson too because I think I’m fundamentally flawed from go. I remember people saying on short shots open your stance and put weight on you left side because you don’t have the time to transition. Now I’ve gone so far down that rabbit hole I feel like my face is pointing 20 yards right my hips 20 yards left and my shoulder is closed. I sling chili all round long.

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They call me six from the fairway. Recently it’s been seven though. :frowning: Seven is definitely worse than six.

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I’ve had plenty of sevens from the fairway.If the putter is cold than I’m three putting everything and throw in a flubbed chip and I’m at seven real fast.

I feel like i’m talking to myself.

Good luck! Hopefully you figure something out. If you do, come back and share with the rest of the class.