charlotte golf


hey charlotte lads,

just moved to the area and am wondering what some of the best public spots are? and relatively affordable private courses? thanks y’all


I don’t live in Charlotte anymore (moved in 2017), but I lived there for a year. I liked to go up to the Charles L. Sifford course because of their practice facilities. Big putting green, 2 chipping greens, and driving range. They do have a fun 9 hole course as well. They keep it in pretty good shape (at least they did). Very affordable. It’s also the First Tee of Charlotte, so occasionally you can run into classes. I never really had many issues with this though.

I never played any of the private courses in the area as I really didn’t know any golfers in the area. The courses I enjoyed most were: Old Sycamore (semi-private), Rocky River, Golf Club at Ballantyne and the Tradition Golf Club. Also played at Harry L Jones course, Charles T Myers course, and Charlotte National which were all decent options. It was my first year out of college, so I really was more focused on the cheapest options.


Welcome to Charlotte! Public golf in the area can be very hit or miss and can also be quite far away depending on where you live. Some good tracks are the Ballantyne Resort (relatively pricey at about $100) and Carolina Lakes down in Indian Land, SC. I also enjoy Fort Mill and Springfield, which are both in SC. Red Bridge is also a decent public option but quite far. I would second the notion about Charles T. Sifford.

Private clubs seem to have the stronghold on the market and the quality of the tracks is why I joined one. It is also tough to find a public round in Charlotte (or seemingly anywhere these days) that takes less than 5 hours, which was another reason I joined a club.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Bachelor party in the early fall (exact date tbd) and I think we’re going to stay in the Lake Norman area. Any insights or advice from the Charlotte crowd on what spots we need to check out?


Mooresville Golf Club is solid. It’s a muni, but front 9 by Donald Ross and they renovated the whole course a few years ago. Also very hard to beat $50 prime time rates.