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Headed to Charleston, SC for a week in mid-October. Playing Wild Dunes with a friend who lives on Isle of Palm but open aside from that. Am down there with my girlfriend for two weddings, so looking to sneak in some early morning rounds at courses not too far from city center.

Any suggestions? I hear Patriot’s Point is a solid deal. That’s really extent of what I know. Any advice is much appreciate. Thanks!

I had a good time playing Patriot’s Point. It’s nothing special by any means but its very close to downtown and not too expensive from what I remember.

stono ferry is pretty close or you could head out to kiawah

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The Charleston Muni announced a renovation plan over the next 2-3 years to improve the course drainage, reshape some of the design, and restore greens to original sizes. Also taking cues from Yeamans and CC Charleston, the redesign looks to add a new redan green and alps hole. From the Post and Courier article:

Between 50,000 and 60,000 rounds are played each year on the course, meaning there’s a lot of traffic on a small footprint of land with several holes near the Stono River that are prone to flooding. Golf course architect Troy Miller, who grew up playing Municipal and is overseeing the project at no cost, said those issues will be a major focus as well as adding some of the historical elements the Country Club of Charleston and Yeamans Hall, built at about the same time in the 1920s by Seth Raynor.

Vistas will be opened to the Stono River and ponds and wetlands areas will be added with the dirt from those ponds used to elevate the fairway to alleviate flooding. The greens, which naturally shrink over time because of mowing patterns, will be increased in size by about 50 percent. That, in turn, will allow for more character on the putting surfaces, Miller said. If all goes well, Miller said his goal is for Muni regulars to be fully enjoying his labor of love by October 2020.

Screenshot compliments of @bermudabobgolf


Where’d you end up playing?

Heading to Charleston soon, curious where you ended up playing and your thoughts.

Same here early April.

I enjoyed Patriots Point when I played it. The price and location are worth it that close to downtown, and the course is enjoyable. RiverTowne Country Club isn’t a bad option either.

Played Wild Dunes - Links and Patriots Point. Both were enjoyable. WD better conditioned and closing stretch on the water is awesome. About 40 min outside of Charleston proper; on the pricier end.

PP is a very fun round. 15 min from downtown Charleston and an awesomely laid-back vibe. Had music and cocktails going all round. Again, closing stretch on water is a lot of fun. Downside–it was in pretty bad shape when I played. Greens were very poor. But, for the price and atmosphere, I would certainly play again.


That pretty much sums it up! Imagine they’ve had their hands full this year on the conditioning front with the storms. Those holes along the water are as good as it gets for muni golf though

Bumping this thread from the dead with hopes of refugee wisdom. Looks like both @MerchCzar & @Tron (Braintrust collective) have some pretty detailed experience of the area.

As I’ve mentioned, my bachelor party is going to be in Charleston the weekend before the Masters, and we will just roll straight to Augusta after the weekend. I think I’ll be playing at Patriot’s Point for one of the days, as it appears to be the “vibey” muni that should fit the needs of my diverse friend group (not many are golfers).

I’ve lobbed out Kiawah to the group in hopes that there are at least (3) others that may be interested in paying 4 bills for the round. Looks like everyone here agrees that the money is worth the experience, but it’ll be tough to convince my group of that fact.

My real question is, where should we set up home base? Looks like the RV route isn’t going to work so I’m looking at rentals. Reddit has pointed me towards Folly Beach as the low cost option to stay on the beach. Is that the move? It’s about the same cost to stay in downtown Charleston, and I think I want to be on the beach. Something about the sand and salt water makes the trip more authentic.

If I’m way off base, someone please let me know where I should stay. For reference, we’re all on the back half of our twenties/front side of thirty so it’s not like we will be burning couches on the front lawn or anything.

Also, say my group says NO to Kiawah is Wild Dunes a happy medium? I’m a big fan of cheesecake…

Wild Dunes Links Course is pretty solid. A good Fazio design and the closing stretch on the water is a lot of fun. Also not as high a price point as Kiawah, so could serve as a happy medium.

I’m 32 and stayed in Charleston this past October for a week for bookend weddings. I stayed the first weekend on Folly Beach and the second in an Airbnb closer to College of Charleston.

If you want the college bar scene for your bachelor party then stay closer to King Street. That said, for me, King Street got old after one night. And, I loved Folly Beach. Place is awesome. Lots of fun bars, the beach, and some cool out of the way spots. If you can, I suggest finding a place on Folly near Bert’s Market and this bar Chico Feo ( Possibly my favorite bar in the U.S.

Not sure what your vibe is on music, but The Pourhouse usually gets some good bands and that’s closer to Folly I believe. Lastly, Folly isn’t too far removed, so if you wanted to go into “downtown” Charleston for a day or the evening, it’s only about a 20 min Uber.

Charleston Recommendations:

  1. Griffon Pub - old Charleston dive bar very cool spot for a mid-day beer after walking around Old Town
  2. Husk - see if you can get a lunch seating, 1st come 1st serve. If you show up at opening time sure to get in. Worth it. Food is awesome.
  3. Hominy Grill - good breakfast spot.
  4. Pourhouse (Live music)
  5. Walking Tour
  6. Charleston Market
  7. Sullivan Island
  8. Folly Beach
  9. King Street
  10. Rainbow Row
  11. Battery Park
  12. Fort Sumter
  13. Henry’s On Market (rooftop bar - massive)
  14. The Royal American
  15. Rodney Scotts Bar-b-que
  16. Martha Lou’s (fried chicken)
  17. Butcher and Bee (sandwich shop)
  18. Henry’s Bar (rooftop bar)
  19. The Boathouse at Breach Inlet
  20. The Commodore (speak easy jazz style bar) (10 min walk from Canon St)
  21. Gin Joint (nice cocktail)
  22. Cane Rhum Bar (tiki drinks)
  23. The Recovery Room (dive bar, 10 min walk from Canon St.)
  24. Palmetto Brewing Co.
  25. Revelry Brewing Co.
  26. Holy City Brewing Co.
  27. Gibbes Art Museum
  28. Poogan’s Porch

Last two suggestions: The Blind Tiger (great back outside bar) and Leon’s (awesome oysters and fried chicken)

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Big fan of Isle of Palms here. We’ve been doing a 16-guy trip there for 9 years.

Wild Dunes would be a good compromise against Kiawah. The links course ($$$) was just re-worked a few years ago and is a solid track. The Harbor course ($$) is shorter with a layout that allows you to play a bit faster (3 par threes on each side)

You’re also a manageable drive from Patriots and Charleston National.

Isle of Palms has a handful of bars (my vote: windjammer) and Sullivan’s has a stable of solid food spots. Island realty rents some big houses near the windjammer … not sure what you budget is but that’s where I would recommend staying.

Lastly, if you’re looking for other stuff to do I would recommend Tidal wave sports … they rent boats / jet skis out of Morgan creek marina. There is also a company that will take you out and let you shoot skeet from the front of the boat.

Hope it’s a good time!

IoP is a good spot, absolutely beautiful beaches. My only IoP caveat is that it is remote. Very difficult to get Ubers and car services can take a long time to get out onto the island. If you’re going to stay on IoP expect to be posted up there.

@Fluffhead1985 my man, pots and pans. Hooking it up. Thank you for all the details this will be a VERY solid foundation for future planning.

Thanks for the info. For the folks recommending IoP, it’s pretty booked up.

@TheLlama i’ll check out Island Realty to see if they have any availability.

Stayed in a pretty cool house in Folly Beach (less than 5 min walk from the beach) back in May for a bachelor party and we had a blast. Would recommend looking into that for sure

I’ve done bachelor parties in both Folly and Isle of Palms. Both are tough to beat, though I might give Isle of Palms a slight edge. Folly is probably a little cheaper, so it’s got that going for it. Isle of Palms has a slightly nicer feel to it and has more stuff, generally (i.e., restaurants, markets, liquor stores, bars, etc.). It’s also where Wild Dunes is, which is definitely worth playing. You’ll be happy either way.

Having my bachelor party in May at Isle of Palms… going to play Wild Dunes Harbor on Thursday, Wild Dunes Links on Friday (~15 of us)

Have some friends that have been out there before… apart from golf plan is to head to Windjammer (our house is walking distance from it) and do one big night in Charleston proper.

From reading this thread, sounds like we are in for a good time.

@Ty.Webb–anytime. Chucktown is a cool place. Food and drink are outrageously good and people are generally cool. Enjoy the trip and congrats on the wedding! Best wishes.