Change one aspect of a famous golf hole


Inspired by seeing some pictures pre WW2 posted here, where I saw the original par 4 10th at Augusta playing like a short par 4, I thought it would be fun to take a current hole and change it for play in today’s game.What would be one hole on the PGA Tour Rota that you would change and what changes would you make?

Sticking with the Augusta theme, it would be cool to see the trees removed or shortened on the right of 11 or on the left of 13 and allow players to cut the corner. It would also make the views better since you would see more of the hole instead of the chute players have to hit through currently. I think the nuance in the both green complexes and fairways still make the holes just as tricky but would create more excitement for all players. It would certainly benefit the longer guys but also allows the shorter hitters more width off the tee.


Trees right on 11 at ANGC is really good. Hard not to wish the green and bunkers were expanded on 7 at pebble like in Hainesy’s old pics.

How about taking Banff Springs back to the original routing, 15 would once again become the first hole and would be the best opening tee shot on the planet


I would completely fill Rae’s Creek with cement and make it a proper cart path so that the patrons might have a suitable surface to walk on. :open_mouth:


Hate to do this to @310toUnknown bc this is an interesting topic. But I think there are a lot of companies out there missing some major brand awareness opportunities. I’m proposing some changes to the Road Hole. If the R&A, PGA, and USGA won’t solve the ball issue and force more precise / strategic play… I’ll do it for them.


One hole? More like One State. I’ll one-up @OutsideTheCut and completely detach Florida from the continental United States and make every event in The Florida Swing part of the Narcos Tour.


@JDWilson God yes! I totally get why they changed the routing at Banff, but being able to just walk down from the hotel and stand on the 15th tee aiming over the river, staring down that valley knowing what’s in store, must have been the most inspiring moment in golf. Such a shame.

It’s like they had a supermodel and they got it plastic surgery to look more mumsy.


This is absolutely perfect! Obviously the goal was to make positive changes but I would love a course to be completely commercialized like this. Let’s get crazy


Great topic.

Hard to pick just one hole - so I’ll say Riv. It’s still amazing, but dialing back some of Fazio’s changes and restoring it to its original design and width would be dope


Ok last one, then you can carry on with a serious discussion… A new Tee to Green transportation method this year at The Players brought to you by Sea-Doo. Thoughts? I have some moderate concerns about whether or not Hideki can swim.


I have it on good authority that DJ can’t swim. He doesn’t actually understand what water is.

In this photo it looks like Wayne and he are checking a line, but Wayne is actually trying to show him the difference between water and land.

Wayne: This is land, DJ. Land … hard. Stand on land, ok! That water. Water … soft. No stand water.

DJ: Me … hit … wa-ter.



@310toUnknown – maybe fill the 18th at Bay Hill with some Arnold Palmer tea (incl. tea fountain) and drop an AP umbrella on the flag stick. There’s no telling how many flighted balls we’d see coming into the green to avoid an umbrella ejection into the lake.


Alright, since you are a wizard with photoshop, I have a fews ideas, just lack the execution.

  1. Move the Torrey Pines glider port to the 4 south and pave it. Get a speed slot up the left but risk the ball rolling back down and into the Pacific. I can see Phil trying to rope a draw up the left to get the bounce up to the green. Also brings the gliders into play.

  2. Move the famous lighthouse at Harbor Town to the middle of the expansive fairway on 18. You still get the views but now pros must miss left or right to have a view of the green. The traj from the fairway when behind it would be incredible.

  3. Add a waterslide to the 16th at Firestone. If hit correctly, balls enter a 2 yd gap and either spits out your drive 100 yds away or directly into the lake. Either way, your lying 2 or 3 one hundred yards out. Those who miss the slide have to navigate under or over it.

  4. Move the bridge at Bel-Air Country Club so its over the middle of the fairway and put a plexiglass screen to the ground. Forces players to go over the bridge without losing line of sight.

That might give you more ideas too but would love to see a few of these in action. And they say architecture is dead!


I wish I had Photoshop. Those were all made in PowerPoint and MS Paint. I’m just a recovering consultant, formerly known as “The PowerPoint Picasso” who has a lot of generally useless skills. I like those concepts you mentioned, I’ll see what I can do. I have more I’m working on for an art gallery on my blog. Was going to cap it at a 9 hole course but I suppose it’s possible to stretch it to 18. The Cosby / Nantz “Hello Friend” is my masterpiece.