CFB: Currently COVID Adjacent

I for one am so happy College Football is back, I watch golf just about every week from January until now, but now it’s the best time of the year, Fed Ex Playoffs and football, love it. To top it off today, after I watched my Buckeyes, I flipped over to watch Tiger finish off a great round, hope he keeps it going the next 2 days. So who is everyone’s college teams? I’m a Buckeye as I said, born and raised there, went to school there, love them through and through. Bring the hate, I can take it, people hate what they can’t have.


Married into an OSU allegiance, alumnus and childhood fandom have not much to stand on for football. Wife said they gave up too many points, but I think their offense looked seriously scary. She took solace that PSU needed overtime and TTUN looks the same…

Oh, B1G football…

Clemson Tigers, grad x2

I’ve never been hooked by a college team. Since I grew up in Denver, and now live in South Carolina, I hop on the bandwagon with Colorado, Air Force, Colorado State, and Clemson. I went to college at Eastern Kentucky, so they’re my true favorite college athletic program, it’s just they’re FCS and only make March Madness once every 15 years or so.

Most of my rooting interests in college come via rooting against teams. Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Duke, and Michigan can all go to hell.

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College Football is the one sport I truly do not have a serious rooting interest. This makes it incredibly fun to follow as I just let the chips fall where the may and enjoy the intrigue. For my $, the product has been vastly better than the NFL for close to a decade but it’s becoming much more obvious now.

I’ll follow UConn football, but it’s a basketball school that without a lone Rose Bowl appearance and drubbing, I do not have much hope for.

Coaches’ poll is out: Apparently BOTH Iowa schools ranked higher than Nebraska, @aannddyy00


Michigan State being ranked in this poll is embarrassing.

lol, for now.

If you want to watch a great young QB Laz, you wanna watch Nebraska this year. Martinez is for real.

Another year where ND hangs around the playoff picture and then gets spanked when it matters most.

Hope so, @aannddyy00 .

Do you know what being ranked 26th in the coaches’ poll tells me? Other coaches don’t like Scott Frost that much.


i think all of it has to do with us losing the first 6 games last year.

At what odds would you take the field in a field vs Alabama/Clemson for National title winner?

Will this be the biggest rivalry game of the year? Go HAWKS!


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El Assico is always the biggest rivalry game of the year.


Going strictly off of preseason rankings, The Red River Shootout will be the biggest this year.

is it 2010 again?

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This Martinez is way better than the last one.

Wait til 2021. #1 Nebraska visits #2 Oklahoma

Doubt it.


Not gonna lie, i was thoroughly torqued after this game