Celia Barquin Arozamena


If this gets ignored because of the sheer sadness of the subject matter, I understand. To paraphrase Monty Python, the Refuge is supposed to be a happy occasion. But Shipnuck’s writing and reporting is pretty incredible, and the amount that Celia accomplished (not to mention how she impacted others) in her short life is remarkable. Hug your loved ones.


Wow, I didn’t realize it happened at Coldwater. Site of Strapped… Very sad. RIP


Thanks for posting this. It’s a tragic story but I agree it’s worth the time to read.


I read this earlier today. I was in bits.


Have never been so bummed by the loss of someone I didn’t know, both at the time and as it continues to reverberate in articles like this. Highly recommend reading the article, but do so at a time when you can shut down for a bit. I read it at lunch today and it cast a cloud over the remainder of my day. Excellent work from Shipnuck. The thought that she was murdered while playing a solo round of golf makes it all the more awful and violating and senseless.


think Tron hit the nail on head. It’s devastating because it could be anyone, and she seemed like such an incredible person which is supported by everyone that knew her.

By no means does this take away from the tragedy, but an attempt to force a positive. She died, albeit senselessly, doing what she loved.


RIP - heartbreaking story.


After I recovered from the deep sadness of the story, I was reminded of how important it is to devote yourself to every single moment we have. The beginning of that article is such an inspiration. I am so sorry that I learned of this great woman in this way, but I am thankful for how she can inspire me to be a better friend, son, partner, and person. I only hope I can make the same impact on the people around me.


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Found out a few weeks ago I’m three degrees of separation from Celia. My cousin’s best friend was her freshman roommate. As is abundantly clear, one of the most positive and friendly people. Just a devastating story and a reminder to enjoy life. Sad that it’s in moments like this where we get reminded of that the most.


As an Iowa Stater, I’ll say that part of our innocence died that day. Ames and ISU are a very small, close community. Her murder is something you just don’t expect to happen here


Such a tragic story and hits so hard.I love going out after work and playing twilight alone. Stories like this certainly have made me question my safety (especially as a woman) in doing that.


It’s a whole thread in and of itself, but it’s way way different for women in golf than men realize. Barriers are still everywhere. Constant barrage of sexual innuendo. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen guys try and small talk a woman at the golf course that they’d never approach outside the club.