CBS drops Kostis and McCord

2 things: first, I didn’t realize both guys were in their 70s, but I’m not surprised. Second, let’s get the rumor mill started on who the replacements will be.


@Randy and @djpie after their stellar work on WWOG.


Frank Nobilo and Luke Elvy will be my guesses for replacements. Both currently do spot work for CBS.

I know all you young kids somehow prefer maltbie and Koch to McCord and kostis for some reason, but this sucks. I love McCord - he’s just so weird

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Pour one out. The Konika Minolta bizhub swing vision will never be the same. Also any chance they try to poach someone like Shane Bacon? Is that even possible? I would have to think some out of touch folks at CBS have decided to try and “make golf cool again” and wanna hire someone younger.

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A little birdie tells me it’s going to be EAL…

(For the record I made this up and have zero sources)


Just once, I’d love them to show a swing where Kostis doesn’t know the result, and ask him what he thinks. . . I’m betting anything he has no clue if it was straight, left or right.

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I’m going to wait until I hear who they replace them with before passing judgement. Neither were the best, but they certainly weren’t the worst.

I enjoyed McCord for about 5-6 years. Great career, no doubt. Kostis, for lack of a better word, bored me. He’s obscenely smart though.

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Take all these crusty old say nothing personalities and put them on a fast train to retirement. Take Maltbie and Dottie and Macatee and Rolfing along for the ride.

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I needed this to happen in like 3 years for me to be the guy

More Romo?


If I had any confidence that they will hire anyone better, I might agree with you.

I mean they could literally just not replace them at all and just have more mics around the players and caddies and the broadcast would be significantly better.
When’s the last time you watched golf and thought, oh wow thanks Roger Maltbie for letting me know he’s hitting sand iron.


Very true. But also probably a 0% chance they even think of that. They will probably hire 6 more people to replace them and they will be all worse. I sincerely hope it gets better, but until they do one thing in the right direction, I don’t have any hope.

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Forgot he says this. Isn’t he also a “3 par” instead of “par 3” kinda guy? That bugs the crap out of me.


That would be terrible

I’m really going to miss Kostis’ insightful swing analysis:


Shout out Brian gay, shout out Andy Johnson


If you’re Romo, sitting on a cool $50M or whatever…Why become a roadie?