CBD Oil, and the like - including edibles

Recently, after many many years of not smoking weed, well, because it never worked, a buddy told me I should try edibles. The buddy, let’s call him Carl, and the rest of the guys were in Colorado, so all was on the up and up. Still doesn’t work.

But, in a condo at altitude I’ve never EVER slept well, and I slept like a baby. Here’s the question…does anyone have experience PLAYING (I think I saw @Lazstradamus joke about the use on course) and does it settle you down, ease your mind, etc.

How about CBD oil? I recently saw Matt Ginella raving about it for golf, and since i also have tinnitus (which it has helped others with) I decided to try CBD. About 4 days in…I’ll report back. I am already sleeping better.

Any other supplements work for people? I saw the Osteo Bi-Flex commercial and thought as a runner might help with joint pain.


I’m a huge proponent of Papa Barkley’s 30:1 CBD to THC tincture for inflammation. You will get zero buzz off the low level of THC, it’s all about steady daily use of the tincture to supress inflammation.
I have a grade II separation of my AC joint and I never had surgery, just did rehab. It’s been 5 years of ibuprofen (like 4 before round) then I moved to Aleve, and now just CBD. The CBD is the only thing that works in a lasting way. It’s expensive af, unfortunately.

I spent 25k getting my elbow rebuilt at the Mayo becuase of all the GD damage I had in it. I don’t care about the cost if the tinnitus and the elbow pain are gone. I’m curious if it can also make you a more “hey man, just swing the club easy breezy man” mindset. I’m my own worst enemy sometimes. I was in same boat as you with the pre-round ibuprofen. Maybe I don’t know what your “expensive AF” is…this stuff I bought was less than $3/caplet from Medterra.

I prefer the oil (3 doses: 7am, about 2pm, 9pm) but the caplets are better delivery method because you’ll know the exact amount of CBD. That’s the important thing and some cheaper brands have low CBD per dose.
I should note that I swing pretty hard but have been hesitant to hit turf for the last few years, because I can get a jolt like feeling in the shoulder. That fear is diminishing because the joint isn’t as swollen anymore. Feels almost as good as the other shoulder.

Playing on regular leaded fuel is no good for me, and the game will go to shit…granted you don’t care as much. Touch really goes out the window for me.

I’ve been trying CBD oil before playing and it does seem to help with inflammation, but haven’t noticed much from a mental standpoint. That said I’ve been less then impressed with the regulad over the counter cbd oil I’ve bought in MN which I believe is hemp based.

I would really like to try the regular CBD oil like Laz mentioned, with the tiniest amount of THC in it, as that might actually provide a closer benefit without the adverse impact on the game.

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The 30:1 CBD oil is impossible to get a buzz from. Believe me.

Yeah, I meant more in the realm of feeling the benefits of the cbd. Regular hemp based cbd doesnt seem to impact me at all.

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A buddy of mine plays better after burning some devil’s lettuce. He’ll be slapping it around then get baked and all of a sudden it’s a stripe show. It ruins my game, I get super paranoid about going into bunkers and hazards, but to each their own.

I would like to try CBD oil when playing, I have a bad back so I’d like to see if it helps at all. Once it’s legal in MN I’ll give it a try.

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Hemp based cbd oil is legal in Minnesota, and everywhere I believe. I buy oil at Fresh Thyme and there are a million stores in uptown, and I’m sure other places.


I know people who use it for anxiety and anxiety related issues and they all swear by it. Edibles are terrifying to me, the only time they’ve ever “worked” it was like someone hit me on the head with a hammer I was so torched. No bueno. Just regular smoking/vaping weed and golf is fairly similar to drinking and golf … I’d argue that with weed you CAN get into a zone where you’re hyper focused which can be good for golf, but I think with either substance you’re much more likely to be distracted and unfocused and my game tends to not go so well at those points.

yep, it’s legal here.

I think I’m gonna find out.

I was under the impression that the hemp based CBD is much weaker than the cannabis CBD, but I am not a scientist so that may or may not be true. Do you know if there is any truth to that or are they both identical from a practical standpoint?

I haven’t tried CBD in any form yet but it sketches me out when something works for everything. Headaches? Rub it on temples. Can’t sleep? Take a few drops in tea. Muscle spasm? Rub it on there. Can’t break 90? Make sure CBD is on tap in your cart…very snake oily but i definitely hope I’m wrong.


I honestly don’t know and haven’t researched it, but I do know that I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by the hemp based products I’ve tried and really want to try out the cannabis based oils.

Here’s hoping the legislature decides to put it to a vote here in the near future.

@MikeyTanHands Yeah it is kind of funny in that sense, but it does make some sense that if its good as an anti-inflammatory that there would be multiple uses for it.

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In my mind, snake oil is ok when it’s replacing a drug for non-serious conditions like joint pain, tinnitus, headaches etc.

Like chiropractors…doctors and biomedical people are like “it’s just snapping a tendon over your joint, it’s not real!!!”

Me: I don’t give two shits about real or not, my back feels better after the chiro.

I’m applying the snake oil in same method.


That is a great point. I LOVE the chiro and am totally on board for avoiding drugs. I just passed a local pharmacy that has a huge flag saying they now sell CBD, I guess I’m stopping there later :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t tried it yet, but don’t let the big pharma globalists brainwash you into thinking it’s snake oil before even trying it. My buddy’s knees are wrecked from football, and he claims that it helps a lot.

I did get it for my dog recently, the pet store recommended it to help the pup’s anxiety. FWIW, it seems to work.

Wife and I both ran races this weekend down in AZ and we got a massage at the hotel spa after. They used a CBD oil and honestly I don’t know if it helped at all, but it felt alright. I got somewhat light headed for a while afterwards. My body felt fine, but I really don’t know if it did anything for me.

Funny story, when we got back Monday morning my wife found out about a potential new job and now has an interview coming up. Naturally she is freaking out that the CBD oil had trace THC and would be picked up by a drug test if she did one in the next few weeks… I of course assured here there was no chance, am I correct??

Just going to offer an opinion after having dabbled in flower, concentrated oil (THC and CBD), edibles, etc. on the golf course

I find it incredibly easy to ‘get in the zone’ but here’s the thing…It can become a crutch. On days I play without anything, it’s completely different level of tension.

As a feel oriented player, I can lock in and eliminate all tension when enhanced. More difficult when not.

If you want to play with it, go for it…I just wouldn’t practice drills/feels at the range on it because it’s far too easy to be playing in between two different golf swings. That’s the place you don’t want to be.