Cavities or Blades?


Thinking of switching from more forgiving cavity backed Callaway Apex irons to full blades or more players category cavity backed irons this season, Does anyone who has made the transition recently have any advice or recommendations?

I’m a 7 handicapper with a decent club head speed. I’m hoping that making the move would give me a bit more consistency with distance control.


I do a good bit of club fitting and I have found that ball speed is decreased in blades over cavity backs. The other downside is off center hits tend to be worse with blades. Not trying to steer you away from blades, I personally like them, they feel so good and the workability is much better than cavity back. I have a set of 718 MB’s in the bag right now.


I would recommend going on eBay and picking up a cheaper set of something like 690.mb or mp33 to try before you drop $1200 on a new set. What I have found is there is not much difference between blades of the early 2000s and those available now. You can find decent sets to try and if you decide to buy a new set those older ones don’t depreciate much. Most guys think they want to play blades but after a short time they sell them.


I’d just go and get fit and buy whatever yields the best results and not worry about the style.


I am a sketchy 13 handicap and have found absolutely no detriment playing a set of MP32s I found on ebay for £85. Grain flow forging means the bottom two grooves and hosel are butter…

Also, they look absolute money - which is the important thing.

Pick up a cheap set second hand and see how you like them before taking the plunge. I was happy to chuck £100 at a set just out of curiosity and they’re still in my bag 3 years later.


I game the 716 T-MBs, 4-W. Going away from the butterknife style blade to something a little more forgiving, but still with the solid look and thin top profile of the blade was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I need the extra forgiveness, still have no problem working the ball if needed. But not coming up 15-20 yards short when you hit it a little toey or a groove high saves me 2-3 shots per round, at least.


I’m a big fan of a mixed set of blades and cavity backs. I go 7,8,9,W in a pure MB and everything longer is going to be a cavity back.

The benefit of the blades for any player is the ease of getting the ball up out of the rough and having zero fear of ball that is sitting down in the fairway. Ball launches higher and comes down softer. Also gives you the opportunity to work the ball. As someone that hits it a long ways off the tee but can spray it, the ability to work the ball easily with the higher lofted clubs is key.

Personally, I don’t see much if any need to have bladed irons longer than 7 iron. When we start talking percentages, the farther the club goes on a good strike, the more punishment you will get from a mishit. I’d guess a mishit on a blade leads to a 15% drop off in distance. If your 6 iron goes 190 yards on a good strike, you will come up 29 yards short of that with a mishit - really no chance of hitting the green. On the flip side, if a good strike with an 8-iron goes 155 yards, your mishit will come up 23 yards short - still short, but a less so then the 6-iron. Additionally, the likelihood of a mishit with a 6-iron is significantly higher than a 7 or 8 iron. Might as well get the help where you can.


I switched to Z965s recently from Bridgestone J36 Pocket Cavities.

I didn’t switch because I’m good or anything, I just hate myself a lot.


I started the year wanting something forgiving and got the 718 AP1’s. Ditched them after three rounds. My accuracy went way down but distance was up. I threw my 716 mb’s 5-p and 716 AP2 4 iron back in the bag. It’s all about the player. I strike the ball so much better when there’s less club to look at. I did love my Mizuno MP 25’s and deeply regret getting rid of those.

Anyone else find it ironic that golfers are always seeking the smallest looking iron. But, when it comes to drivers we want the biggest most for giving thing we can find to bomb it. How many of us would hit more fairways with a smaller head and a shorter shaft. I probably would.


Just goes to show you can try a forum that isn’t WRX and the blades vs cavity discussion follows.