Carson Daly is an American Treasure

In light of Brendan Porath’s rant on The #ShotgunStart this morning I thought we’d start this topic. I think Daly is pretty terrible on all shows he’s on (Today, The Voice, Rory’s podcast except for his TRL days on MTV. He gives me a Jimmy Fallon vibe of “how can I involve/promote myself in everything I do?”

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liked and subscribed to this eventual flame war. I haven’t heard him on any of Rory’s podcasts (aren’t they behind a paywall?), but if his appearances over the years at the Clambake are any indication I’m waaaay out on Carson.


Looks like it’s free to listen but the video version is behind a paywall on GolfPass. There’s only two episodes but I can guarantee he’s reminded Rory about his win at the Pebble Pro-Am at least 1000 times already.

Things I’d like to do:

  1. Live in Kauai
  2. Spend a month in Paris with family

1,245,592. Die, slowly and painfully.

1,450,567. Remove eye balls with BBQ skewers covered in buffalo wing sauce
1,450,568. Listen to Rory McIlroy and Carson Daly podcast


First problem with this thread was the shot at Jimmy Fallon. Second problem was the shot at rory who is one of the best interviews in sports. I’m triggered.

No shot at Rory! But honestly why on God’s green earth is Carson the cohost?

I was referencing @Lazstradamus on the shot at rory. And I think Carson is a horrible choice as well but rory is so good that I don’t care who interviews him.

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Niall Horan (or literally anyone else) would have been a way better choice but I’m sure they knew there was no way they could get them in the same place once a month with any consistency. My guess is GolfChannel was adamant that they do it in person so they can film it just so they have something they can put behind their GolfPass paywall.

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You’re right. Undeserved.

We are the company we keep, as the old saying goes.


ah, so you do admit that it’s on your list of things to do?



He was on Feherety and it was hard to watch

His eyes were so red he either just smoked up or had a rough red eye flight.

People outside of Facebook moms like Fallon?


My sister loves him. She’s 25 and seems like everyone her age or younger loves him. I think he’s pretty entertaining and seems like a good dude. He also likes golf. He’s certainly better than Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert.

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You know what though, if a buddy called me tomorrow and said, “hey, tee time at Rustic Canyon. We’re playing with Carson Daly” I’d bet it would be a good time.

The guy’s just trying to do his job like the rest of us.


Coming from someone who is under the age of 25, Jimmy Fallon is the worst. Colbert’s show isn’t as good as The Colbert Report was, but I’ll take it any day over Fallon and his over-animated fake laugh.

Also, he was usually the weakest link in his SNL sketches. The guy couldn’t keep from from breaking character. So many great sketches unfortunately feature Fallon giggling throughout. I’ll admit he is funny, but the over-the-top persona on his late night show is so grating.


Fallon sucks. He is the worst interview in late night. Incredibly grating and his over-laughing/clapping any time a guest tells a joke or story is unbearable. He’s the Bob Menery of talk shows………I do not understand his popularity.

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well lets see here…

carson daly is currently the host of multiple regularly occuring shows on NBC, the Voice and Today Show, he also hosts NBC’s NYE special…cant imagine why he would be hosting this Golf Channel show, who is also owned by NBC

it really makes no sense at all why NBC would want someone who already hosted two mainstream shows that were highly popular to be the host of a show on a more segmented channel they own and try to bring over guest who might not have watched otherwise

oh, that and he is pretty decent and passionate about golf

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Man this is a strange take to me but I don’t watch late night tv anymore so I only see the really popular bits that trend on Twitter so maybe an entire show of him is a little much now. Colbert is absolutely horrible though.

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This is probably the most accurate and rational take that is going to be on this thread. Howeva…I don’t think the people are coming for accurate rational takes.

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I’ve got a few to add in between 2 and 1,245,592, but otherwise approve this list.

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