Candler Park Players - March 20th Atlanta, GA - Tee Sheet in Post 47, @OliveLoaf calls for Wind

Candler Park Players
Saturday March 20, 2021
Candler Park Golf Course (9 holes)
Atlanta, GA
Format: Round #1 three clubs, Round #2 one club
No winners or losers just golf
Advanced Tee times starting at 2:00.
No Merch.
Estimated costs will be $30 to $35.
Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation is our charity


Bumping this for Monday


going to be a blast!

4 iron, 8 iron, sw…

6,9, putter… or 5, 8, 58, or or or or. Oh no

I’m thinking Hybrid, 6, PW for three club round then Hybrid for the one club round. Doing some recon this week.

Also, if anyone knows any of the old Atlanta refugees that did not make it behind the paywall, please let them know about this event. I texted @gatorz7888 this morning.

4, 7, PW? may be easier to chip on the greens than putt

I tried putting with a 6 iron yesterday. I was pretty terrible with it. Was much better putting with the hybrid. Just need to get my distance control down with the hybrid for the short par 3’s.

I’m thinking 3H, 7i, 50 degree.

Need as much length as possible to get up the hill on 7 and to get past the tree on 6. 7i usually a decent club for me from the blues on 2, 5, 8 and 9. 50 degree for 3 & 4.

I ventured itp for a recon mission at Candler Park. First time playing and didn’t want to go in blind for the 3/1 club rounds.

Could go 3wood/8iron/putter
Then 8 iron for 1club

It’s going to be a game time decision for me on the one club round. 6 iron or hybrid.

Defiantly hybrid, 6 iron and PW for the three club round.

Just can’t pull it left into the gulch on 3, or hit the tree on 6.

New to the refuge and put my name on the spreadsheet. Looking forward to meeting some other ATL golfers. 3 club sounds like a great challenge, especially with nothing between my 4i and driver. 4i 8i SW?

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Looking forward to meeting you. In my experience the par 3’s at CP play 170, 110, 130, 160 and 180.

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We have 16 players signed up so far. Tell your friends. I’m going to open payment up this Friday 3/5 and it will close the following Friday 3/12 to grab the tee times. Cost will be $30 per player.

The city will not me allow me to bring a cooler full of beer for everyone so I will just leave the cooler in the back of my truck. Everyone can grab beer before, during and after our rounds. They do not check personal coolers or golf bags so just fill up with what you can.

Does anyone objections to the standard Bud Light, Miller Lite or Sweetwater?

Maybe Coors? I mean, The Bandit DID help its safe passage all the way from Texarkana.

(I’m cool with Miller Lite and Sweetwater)

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Silver Bullet or Banquet?

Signup still open. We have 15 players at the moment.

The entry fee is $30. Payment is due Friday 3/12 by 12:00 PM eastern standard time. Venmo is Wes-Wright-22. last 4 digits of phone number are 3710 or PayPal to When sending payment please include your name or Refuge username so I know who is paying.

Remember for $30 you get two loops around the course, Free beer from our unofficial beer sponsors Coors Banquet and SweetWater 420 and a donation to the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation.

Groupings will be established the week of. Anything I am missing?


Reminder to sign up and pay your entry fee. As of this morning we have 16 players registered on the signup sheet and only five have paid the entry fee. Payment deadline is Friday at high noon.

16 on the sign up sheet and seven paid. All this Banquet and 420 ain’t going to drink itself.

I am happy to shoulder more of the Banquet-drinking responsibilities.

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Since we are playing with three or one clubs, I’m only bringing my golf bag along to carry my beer.