CANCELED :( Lake City Jamboree, Couer d’Alene, ID, July 17-19

If you got it, flaunt it.


I expect everyone to dress for the occasion!


3 hr drive from Gamble to Coeur d’Alene.

Or about 45 minutes via Bonanza from Sanderson Field in Brewster to Coeur d’Alene airport (KCOE).


ED Transportation “service you can rely on”

Call for rates.

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ED has popped into the event thread?? WE MADE IT FOLKS.

@Eric_Denver rumor has it you are WA based - any chance of an appearance?


That’s correct. I would consider it, but I don’t know if I’m posh enough to be in Mr. Cad’s presence.

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You’re welcome.


That’s one of the most shocking things about the man. While flaunting his old money and difficult-to-really-grasp social connections, he’s incredibly down to earth and willing to slum it with us.

I mean, what else can you ask for??

Direct from my home airport to Gamble Sands is (with no wind) a little under an hour. Or a 3 hr and 45 min drive.

Although flying direct over the Cascades (not following I-90 or 2 over Stevens) in a single engine piston is certainly a bold move. Pack an extra sandwich.


Yeah, no thanks. Friend of the family took a wrong move in a single a couple of years ago heading to Oshkosh from Sandpoint. Flew down a dead end, couldn’t get turned, couldn’t get the altitude. Crashed and killed all 5 people aboard.


But, if you do come, I’ll get Burt Rutan along to dinner and you can nerd out.

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That’s horrible. Too many tragic stories like that in general aviation. I never fly through valleys, I always try to get at least a couple thousand ft above the tallest peaks for both safety and comfort because mountain wave turbulence can be nasty. I also file IFR at places like Sandpoint with high terrain around because they have specific departure procedures for terrain avoidance and you obviously have ATC’s guidance.

Not to say I’m immune to mistakes, pilots more experienced than me have lost their lives due to reckless decision making, I’m just saying there are ways to reduce risk.

RIP Brook Berringer

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I do a fair amount of risk reduction in my day to day work, but nowhere does it seem more needed than aircraft.

Kind of related - I was in the cockpit during a descent and landing in a kc135 and the pilot’s console went dark (there’s probably a better technical term for this that I don’t know). I was blown away at how casually we seem to be flying without them mid-descent, they turn back and ask the engineer to switch over and he says something like “oh yeah these breakers go out all the time” while he pulls some off a big board. Switches over to the other side after a minute and carry on, total pros but I was low key shitting bricks haha

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It’s all about redundancies. Planes with glass cockpits will have an independent electronic backup system or steam gauges if you lose your primary flight display.

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Article about it. There were 3 people. I thought it was 5. But Bitd and her husband see friends of my parents. My stepdad is an inventor so he, Burt Rutan and Bird were all friends.

Bird was in the news again recently as he invented the respirator.

For people who make it to Circling Raven, you will not be disappointed. Great track.

There’s some really good golf in the region, especially if you are loose with geography and include Gamble Sands and Palouse Ridge.

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Having played all the CDA tracks I think Circling Raven is the best of them all. And it’s much cheaper than the big 3.

Was browsing through some pictures when putting the schedule together and it looked fantastic!

Where at in Montana are you golfing?? I’d say you should swing by but it could be anything from like a 1 to 8 hour drive haha

I’m planning on coming to this from MT - just a short 5.5 hour drive.

That’s a Sunday afternoon drive around here!


Have the dates blocked off, if this gets off the ground I’ll be flying into Seattle on Thursday.

Chambers Bay definitely on the table

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