Can we get a new website?


Does anyone agree with me in saying the website looks dated and unappealing?

I find it hard for me to get excited to click on an article when it looks like this…

Just a simple HTML/CSS issue that the author should have noticed…

Just little things like this video could easily be centered…

Did someone actually design this toolbar to look like this or did something wrong happen?

I know this may come off as nit picky BUT when I watch Tourist Sauce and see all the production value in that series I would expect their website to be on par.
With all the website design companies out there like Wordpress, Squarespace and Wix, I feel like this is an easy fix. We all know Andy from The Fried Egg redesigned his (it needed it) and now with his new website we realize how grotesque the old one was.


I agree the site should shouldn’t have these simple formatting issues but Some simple CSS redesign should fix all the errors with the current site.

However I like the current Usability of the Site. A redesign would take away from their Content which is golf related not a good looking site. I think it could possible just have a few things added such as a glossary on all their terms/slang and a quick BIO on the members of NLU.

Adding this information and reformatting the site would improve the site big time without the need for a redesign.


Don’t care. This is some indoor kid shit.