Can I like Erik Anders Lang?


Just to be clear, we’re talking about BoB Menery right? Seriously had no clue who he was until this thread



Yeah Bob; Erik is pretty cool other than telling every guest how much he cries haha.



This has been touched already, but how great is it that there IS so much independent content available FOR FREE. It’s crazy that this debate can even happen if you think back to the landscape that existed just a few years ago.

I was fairly disconnected for a handful of years and then returned to find The Fried Egg, AIG, NLU, great podcasts, social channels, personalities, writers, books, publications … I say bring it all on. How cool is it that we can actually pick and choose what to consume in this space?



What is AIG…?



Adventures in Golf



Of course…! As you were



In the EAL youtube video from the Callaway launch, was that a @Tron whiff? Looked like maybe a lefty Big Randy chipping.



Lovely comment and sentiment, what’s to beef about? :+1:

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Bob is a Massachusetts guy, so try to stand behind him a little bit. Erik’s podcast with him yesterday was pretty interesting and he’s not as much of a jackass as you think.



I like EAL and I think some of his videos are as good as it gets. But the more you listen, the more you realize he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth.

“I don’t keep a handicap” - next episode, “I play to a 6”
“Once I learned it’s not about the score, and to just have fun, it all changed” – next Instagram post is about the five different things he’s working on with his swing coach.

This is all fine - nobody is perfect. But the celebrity bit and how he seems more and more out of touch with normal folks is what is driving me away. I had no idea he used to be married to Sia, but it explains his relationships with actors, how he joined (and left) Wilshire Country Club, etc. He’s good at making content, but I wish he truly loved golf more in the way I do. To each his own, but NLU is crushing the content in comparison.



I don’t mind EAL, I think some of his stuff is good - especially the Miura episode. I’m a TGJ/Fried Egg/NLU guy. EAL seems like a good guy, and he doesn’t offend me like Golf Digest does. Everybody has their own tastes and there’s plenty of space for guys like him, even if I don’t watch a ton of it I’m glad he does. I mean what would you rather watch, 30min of EAL or 30 min of The Big Break or Driver vs Driver?



For sure EAL is worth watching and I do enjoy most of his content. What’s annoying is that HE has started to be annoying even if his content is solid most of the time. He doesn’t offend me, but I am a GOLF fan. Adventures in Golf to start with was fun because it wasn’t really about golf as much as having fun playing golf - but the Scotland and other videos are on these amazing courses and I’d rather see and learn about the course than about Snowball.



I ride for EAL most of the time but his Sleepy Hollow video was offensive with the lack of focus on the course. I don’t mind the discussion, especially with someone like Tom Coyne, but c’mon man. They showed the signature hole for like 20 seconds at the very end!



Any exposure Tom Coyne can get I give to him but that’s a bummer. I haven’t watched that one yet but now not sure I’ll spend the 11 minutes. (Who am I kidding? Of course I’ll watch it, but damn…)

Of course, after i read A Course Called Scotland I wished Coyne had broken down each course more, and then I realized he’d done enough and that wasn’t what the book was really about - and that most of its readers wouldn’t enjoy those details nearly as much as I would…



Watched the Sleepy Hollow vid today and barely made it through. I dig most of EAL’s stuff, but this video was just a bunch of fluff/filler that had no clear direction to it (happens frequently w him, imo). I was hoping to get a look at Sleepy Hollow and see all the features that make it unique. Neglecting to show 16 also baffled me, especially since they hyped it up on 15 tee. All in all, the Sleepy Hollow ep. was not great.



They showed it but basically just roll credits on it - but that’s idiotic beyond belief.

Also, if you want me to believe Erik has read Coyne’s book, you’ll need to do better than that video. He doesn’t strike me as particularly bookish.



I think what Erik is good at is bumping into people during a round of golf, or playing with them at Random Golf Club, and asking them really good, open questions that often lead to great responses / discussions.

Usually along the lines of ‘why do you love golf?’

No doubt, they don’t lead to great answers all the time, but often they do.

Personally don’t get that 16th hole or how anyone could say it was inspired by Scottish courses. Yes, certainly quite a feature, but it’s very much of the unsubtle variety.

Maybe they didn’t show much about it because they were all a bit critical. Or maybe there’s more content to come.



Has anyone any idea what happend to the rest of the Scottish series to finish it on Leven Links wouldn’t be the best way to end it.

Watched the Sleepy Hollow episode and was good to see Tom Coyne after reading a Course Called Ireland i really enjoy his writing



Heard him saying on a podcast they were going to release it through February.

Had decided to prioritise editing other material.

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Cheers Grant ,you would have thought he’d have finished the Scotland one seeing how he was paid by the Tourist Board to do it.